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Dec 05
Yoink 2.5 allows for files to be pinned for re-use
Matthias Gansrigler has released a new update to his drag and drop "helper" Mac app, Yoink. It simplifies drag and drop between windows, spaces and (full screen) apps by providing a "shelf" where dragged files can be placed, to free the mouse for other actions like navigating. Version 2.5 allows for files in Yoink to be pinned for re-use. It also comes with better handling and recognition of drags. as well as some small improvements and bug fixes. Yoink is available exclusively on the Mac App Store for US$3.99. It requires OS X Lion or newer. A free 15-day trial is available on the product website (
Dec 05
Easy Markdown now optimized for OS X 10.9 Mavericks
Tension Software ( has updated Easy Markdown, a Mac OS X app that lets you create web pages without coding, to version 1.2.1. The new version is optimized for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Version 1.2.1 also fixes some bugs. Easy Markdown requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher. It costs US$4.99 and is available at the Mac App Store.
Dec 05
iResizer 2.4 features instant resize of images for Instagram
TeoreX has announced iResizer 2.4, a a new version of the Mac OS X image resizing and anti-cropping tool. The app can remove unwanted objects from a picture or reduce spacing between objects by "folding" the photo using a special algorithm. With version 2.4, iResizer gets even more automation. The focal point of the new version is autoresize of photos for Instagram without cropping. Instagram accepts square photos only, and trying to upload hundreds of 4:3 photos can be a pain. With iResizer, a user does the job in two steps: first, mark areas on the photo he wants to preserve, and run Instagram resizing. Among other changes in the new release are 64-bit support, the new Lasso and Polygonal Lasso selection tools, the ability to subtract an area from selection and many small fixes and enhancements including saving the current image with default settings with a hotkey. 
iResizer requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and costs US$19.99. A demo is available for download. Go to http://www....
Dec 04
Escape Motions will launch Amberlight on Dec. 10
Escape Motions will release Amberlight, a new procedural art program
that creates unique computer generated images, on Dec. 10 for US$29.99. It's Mac OS X and Windows compatible. This connection of mathematics and art is a visualization of the algorithm created by Peter Blaškovič. "It all started as a remake of my older favorite project, an experimental particle field sandbox which is still available on Escape Motions website," he says. "With modification of the experiment and adding many new features Amberlight was born. Imagine cosmic particles flying through the universe through your canvas, and it's your role to catch them and drive them with the special Amber fields. You can easily change and play with different fields parameters. With Amberlight you can create high resolution pictures for print media. What's more, these images can be exported into other graphic applications. Users who have purchased Flame Painter have an opportunity to use 50% introductory discount in the...
Dec 04
Autodesk launches Maya LT with support for MEL scripting
Autodesk has released Maya LT 2014 Extension 2. It's designed to advance the workflows of indie game developers with support for Maya Embedded Language (MEL) scripting, new OBJ export options and improvements to HumanIK and IK Handle technology. In Maya LT Extension 2, a built-in script editor removes the need to manually write scripts and displays corresponding commands in MEL script. Scripts can be saved and turned into customized parts of the Maya LT UI through Shelf Buttons, Hotkeys or Marking Menus. A new IK handle, a Pole Vector constraint, Human IK Mirroring and an animation re-targeting tool accelerate the animation, rigging and transfer of information between characters. You can now export Maya LT 3D assets in an OBJ file format to expand compatibility with other industry standard tools and game engines. Maya LT Extension 2 is available today as a free download to clients on subscription or pay-as-you go plans. For more information about Maya LT or to download a free trial...
Dec 04
Seven Seas Solitaire sets sail for the iPad, iPhone, Mac
Anawiki Games today has announced the iOS and Mac OS X release of its latest solitaire title, Seven Seas Solitaire. It's available at the Apple App Store and Mac App Store. Here's how the game is described: "Like the company's earlier titles, Avalon Legends Solitaire and Soccer Cup Solitaire, Seven Seas Solitaire adds a strong storyline to classic solitaire gameplay, with a few thematic twists and new mechanics thrown in. The game kicks off with the protagonist — Benjamin Fleet, a former naval captain wrongfully imprisoned, accused of kidnapping the duke's daughter. "The story is set in a fictionalized version of the Caribbean, full of monsters, pirates, ghosts and magic. Benjamin's journey takes place in a series of stages, each of which consists of several locations spread around a particular area of the sea. The player can tackle the locations in any order, and each provides a surprising adventure and an unknown reward; a few will contain quest items which need to be collected to...
Dec 04
iSkin launches new ProTouch line of keyboard protectors for...
iSkin has announced a new lineup of ProTouch keyboard protectors to protect the keyboards on the MacBook, MacBook Pro (Retina) and MacBook Air 13-inch as well as the Apple keyboard that comes with the iMac. The ProTouch overlays the keyboard, creating a barrier against daily hazards such as food spills, dust, dirt, hair, fur and other impurities that could lodge between the keys and cause damage. It’s engineered to wrap each key individually and is made from ultra-thin silicone that’s BPA, phthalates and lead-free. The collection also includes a child-focused edition that features color-highlighted left and right hand key characters, vowels, numbers and more. To see the complete line of ProTouch keyboard protectors go to .
Dec 04
iOS task management app, Priority Matrix, is available for the...
Appfluence has introduced Priority Matrix 2.0, the Mac version of their task management app for iOS. It features full integration between Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android versions of the software. Priority Matrix integrates with iCal, Google Cal and Outlook. Using the 4-quadrants Eisenhower Method, Priority Matrix solves task management problems by organizing activities by criticality and immediacy. It requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later. It's available for US$29.99 through the Mac App Store in the Business category. For more info go to .
Dec 04
Moneydance 2014 personal finance software for the Mac available
The Infinite Kind has released Moneydance 2014, an update to their personal finance software for Mac OS X. Moneydance combines a familiar checkbook-register interface with features such as a complete online banking and bill payment interface, investment management, budgeting, scheduled transactions, detailed graphs, reports, and more. Moneydance 2014 adds new features designed to make keeping track of your finances simpler. Entering transactions in Moneydance is now as quick and easy as it gets with natural language entry, according to the folks at The Infinite Kind. Start typing a transaction description into the search field and Moneydance will intelligently fill in the details based on natural language date parsing and your history. For example, typing "2.34 sta" will display a transaction entry panel with the name Starbucks, category "Coffee", today's date under the last account to have a transaction for Starbucks. The description, category and account are filled in based on your...
Dec 04
Fanurio for Mac OS X revved to version 3.0
Fanurio Time Tracking SRL has rolled out Fanurio 3.0, an update to its cross-platform desktop app for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher. The app is designed for freelancers who need to track time, manage projects, and invoice their clients, so that they can get paid for their work. Fanurio 3.0 enables self-employed people to manage most aspects of their businesses like planning tasks, tracking expenses and recording mileage whether it's for billing or for tax purposes. It has new projects that manage more details than just billing information. Instead of managing a single list of billing items, the new projects manage four lists of different objects, each with its own purpose. Fanurio 3.0 is available from the Fanurio online store ( for US$59. New users can download a free 15-day trial with all the functionality of the paid version.
Dec 04
SavvyDox updated for the Mac, iPad
SavvyDox has released SavvyDox 1.3.1 for the Mac and iPad. It's an update to the mobile document management solution. SavvyDox provides an interface allowing team members to manage document version control and track changes while creating a collaborative review process that is both parallel and synergistic. Version 1.3.1 features a new iOS 7 look, simple account signup, and enhanced search. SavvyDox 1.3.1 is available at the Mac App Store and the Apple App Store. A free version is limited to 15 documents. Upgrades to a team system are available for US$14.95/month per user on the SavvyDox website (
Dec 03
Apple Remote Desktop ready for Mavericks
Apple has updated its Remote Desktop software to version 3.7.1, adding support for Mac OS X Mavericks and more. Apple Remote Desktop lets you manage Macs on a network. From your own Mac, you can distribute software, provide real-time online help to end users, create software & hardware reports, and automate routine management tasks. In addition to Mavericks support, Remote Desktop 3.7.1 lets you copy and paste between local and remote computers, offers enhanced support for multiple displays, and more. It can be downloaded at the Mac App Store and requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later. For new users the cost is US$79.99.
Dec 03
RAGE Software releases EverWeb website designer for the Mac
RAGE Software has introduced EverWeb, a website designer for the Mac. It builds on the ease of use of Apple's discontinued iWeb website tool. EverWeb brings the familiar iWeb interface with new, modern features such as mobile websites, drop down menus, built in search engine optimization, image slideshows and much more, according to the folks at RAGE Software. Using modern HTML5 and CSS3, EverWeb websites are faster, leaner and compatible with all major desktop and mobile web browsers, they add. With EverWeb, you can use one of the professionally designed templates or start a website from scratch. Built-in widgets let you add design shapes, social media integration, image galleries, image slideshows, contact forms and more. The built-in HTML Snippet widget lets users add virtually anything to their EverWeb site. EverWeb comes in two versions. A standalone version that can be used with any web hosting service costs US$79.95 USD. EverWeb can also be purchased with one-click publishing...
Dec 03
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified comes to the Mac
TransGaming Inc., digital media, in partnership with 2K, have announced The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, is now available for the Mac. TransGaming utilized its software translation technology, Cider, to bring the game to the Mac platform. Here's how the game is described: "Set in 1962 at the height of the Cold War, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified tells the origin story of the underground XCOM organization and its clandestine war against an imposing alien threat. As a third-person tactical shooter, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified delivers a new experience using the classic XCOM formula by taking players out of the familiar god-like view of strategy games and dropping them into the boots special agent William Carter in the thick of combat.   "Using Carter’s 'Battle Focus' ability, players control squad mates and launch calculated attacks in order to advance and gain the upper edge. As the last line of defense, the player’s every command can mean the difference between life and death for...
Dec 03
Briqs now available at the Mac App Store
Briqs, a free app designed to make it easy to create responsive web sites without writing code, is now available in the Mac App Store ( It requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher. Briqs offers full automatic adjustment and management via its drag and drop subsystem. The design canvas of the tool is an extended WebKit engine. The unique way the design canvas handles interactions is adapted to the requirements of the flexible floating nature of HTML elements, according to the developers of Briqs. Design adjustments in Briqs can be made targeting all or specific device sizes. The app automatically manages all the complexity of CSS media queries for you while you design your page. Briqs is designed with complex multi-page web projects in mind. It supports multiple background layers. For more info go to .
Dec 03
Infinite Peripherals introduces three printers for Apple devices
Mobile point-of-sale (POS) device provider Infinite Peripherals, Inc., has introduced an upgraded line of three mobile printers that support the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, along with devices that utilize the Android operating system (version 2.1 or higher). The new MFi-certified models directly support the iOS and Android operating systems, without requiring AirPrint support. The printers are designed for mobile POS receipts, coupons, lab results, labels (DPP-450) and more. The DPP-250 (pictured) is a 2-inch receipt mobile printer, the DPP-350 is a 3-inch receipt model and the DPP-450 utilizes 4-inch thermal paper or labels. Each runs on a rechargeable, Li-Ion battery that yields approximately 20,000-30,000 lines per charge. A magnetic stripe reader and Bluetooth communication are available on the DPP-250 and DPP-350; the DPP-450 offers optional Bluetooth and WiFi. Communications also are available via RS232C and USB, v. 1.1 and compatible with 2.0. All models include two resident...
Dec 03
DigiDNA for iOS 7 on Macs, Windows revved to version 6.5
DigiDNA ( has released version 6.5 of DiskAid for iOS 7 on Mac OS X (10.6.5 and higher) and Windows. DiskAid is a Wi-Fi capable iPhone file transfer software that allows wireless file transfer between iOS devices and computers. With version 6.5, DiskAid allows multi-devices simultaneous Wi-Fi file transfer between Windows-based PCs and any iOS device. Plus, the interface is now the same on both Windows and Mac OS X. A demo is available for download. Registration is US$29.90 for a single-user license.
Dec 03
Rapide 3D Team announce the Rapide One 3D printer
A team of Australian designers and engineers have designed what they describe as "an affordable professional desktop 3D printer that could redefine what 3D printers should look and feel like." It's Mac OS X and Windows compatible. "When designing Rapide One we looked at all the current 3D printers in the market. What we found in our research is that there was a big gap in the market between the low-end 3D printers and professional-quality 3D printers," says the Rapide 3D Team. Rapide One is a 3D printer that uses FDM technology to produce 3D print designs. It comes with a fully enclosed housing and cartridge system. The large glass front and back ensure you can view your printing job. The interchangeable cartridge system placed in the top of the printer is designed to not only saves space but also allows easy change of color on the fly. Rapide One's chassis has been crafted from the aircraft grade aluminum to provide a solid foundation. A polished aluminum heat bed is purportedly...
Dec 03
FileMaker launches FileMaker 13 platform
FileMaker, Inc. has unveiled its next-generation platform for business productivity: FileMaker 13. The new software makes it even faster and easier than ever for teams to create gorgeous, tailored business solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web that deliver significant productivity gains, says Ryan Rosenberg, FileMaker 13 includes more than 50 new features. Chief among them are: ° FileMaker WebDirect, an entirely new, HTML5 browser-based technology that allows teams to create and deploy desktop-style solutions in a web browser with no programming skills required.   ° Tools to create iPad and iPhone solutions that support even more iOS behaviors, including slide controls, popovers and the ability to scan records using gestures.  iPad and iPhone layouts (pictured) can now be created in one step; and iOS solutions can include single-click capture of bar codes using on-device cameras and custom keyboards that speed data entry. ° Improvements to design capabilities,...
Dec 03
Infinisys releases free Xmas Flying Toaster screensaver
Infinisys has made available free of charge a special Xmas edition of the Flying Toasters screensaver. This special Xmas screensaver was created using the company's screensaver authoring tool, Screen Studio, and can be used with Mac OS 10.6 or higher. The screensaver features a Santa Toaster and a Rudolph Toaster, together with various other Xmas related objects. You can download it at .
Dec 03
SecuritySpy for Mac OS X gets ONVIF compatibility
Bensoftware has announced SecuritySpy 3.2, an update to the multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac. With features such as motion detection, real-time compression of multiple camera feeds, and network video and audio streaming, SecuritySpy is designed for video surveillance applications. New features in this version include ONVIF compatibility and performance improvements. Pricing ranges from US$50 for the single camera version to $800 for the unlimited camera version. SecuritySpy runs on Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. A demo is available for download. For more info go to .
Dec 03
ExtFS for Mac OS X gets full support for Mavericks
Here are the latest incremental updates for Mac OS X apps: ° Paragon Software Group has released ExtFX for Mac OS X 9.3. It's an update of the standalone Mac OS X file system driver designed to eliminate barriers between Linux and Mac operating systems. The new version offers full support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. With ExtFS for Mac OS X 9.3 you're able to store and create files greater than 4GB and have full read and write access to Linux-formatted partitions. ExtFS for Mac OS X 9.3 is a file system driver that lets you work with files stored on a Linux file system and is designed to simplify data sharing and ability to transfer files. Paragon’s ExtFS for Mac OS X 9.3 is available for US$39.95 at . It's a free upgrade for all registered users.
Dec 02
Wonderland Village to feature a Lego Apple Store
This years's 2013 Wonderland Village in Hamilton, Virginia, will feature a miniature Lego Apple Store. The event is sponsored by Mid Atlantic Consulting and will benefit Toys for Tots. Wonderland Village will be held Saturday, Dec. 14, from 6-9 p.m. at 16806 Heather Knolls Place, Hamilton, Virginia. The miniature Lego Apple Store was designed by Lego enthusiastic and author, John Lazer. The Wonderland Village itself will be home to 350 square feet of animation, sound and lights. It took over two weeks to assemble. For more info go to .
Dec 02
Blackmagic Design announces new Apple ProRes formats for...
Blackmagic Design today announced the immediate availability of HyperDeck 4.1 software which adds three new Apple ProRes file formats for the HyperDeck Studio broadcast recorder. HyperDeck 4.1 update is available now free of charge from the Blackmagic Design website. HyperDeck Studio customers can already record and playback in uncompressed, or compressed ProRes 422 (HQ) and DNxHD formats. This new software update adds three additional Apple ProRes file formats, ProRes 422, ProRes 422 (LT) and ProRes (Proxy) which provides customers with significantly reduced video file sizes while preserving full frame 10-bit 4:2:2 quality. This update allows customers to get longer recording times for the same file size so they can use low cost SSD drives while still recording high quality video in all SD and HD resolutions. Using ProRes 422 (Proxy) it's possible to record over 24 hours of 1080HD video in a single 480GB SSD drive. Selecting the type of ProRes format for recording can be set via the...
Dec 02
Dukane announces new power strip with two USB ports
Dukane has added a six-outlet power strip with two USB ports to its product line-up. It comes with six outlets and two USB charging ports.  The power cord is six feet long; the surge protection is 900 Jules. A lighted on/off switch with reset function is also included. There are LEDs for indicating surge and ground protection. The power strip is rated at 125VAC, 15A, 1875W and usb is 2.1A, with 10 watt power.  There are keyhole mounting slots on the rear.  For more information go to .
Dec 02
Veenix introduces TypeWise, updates TypeBook Creator
Veenix has released TypeWise, an US$39.95 Mac font management app, TypeWise, as well as a Mac OS X 10.9 update for TypeBook Creator, the graphic arts tool for creating professional printed type specimen books and font catalog. TypeWise (pictured) features a scrolling WYSIWYG [what you see is what you get] font list, sample text, body copy and character set layouts. Plus, it sports Veenix's GlyphLogicEngine technology, which analyzes font characteristics and automatically organizes fonts by visual energy as well as into 16 different standard font classifications: text fonts, sans serif fonts, serif fonts, picture, script and thematic fonts, monospaced fonts, fraction and expert fonts and more. TypeWise also offers font activation, tags, customer display colors and a "Quick Mix Suggestions" feature, which suggests alternative or similar fonts for any selected font. TypeWise supports PostScript, TrueType, OpenType and Apple DFont formats, works with both installed and uninstalled fonts,...
Dec 02
Slots Tale for Mac OS X is coming
Vasilek Games says Slots Tale, a new slot game for Mac OS X, is on the way. Look for it to pop up at the Mac App Store later this month. Pricing hasn't been announced. 
Here's how Slots Tale is described: "There will be three fascinating locations in the first version. Those will be followed by another two and will compose the first tale block: European legends, which main points are gold and treasure. There are bonuses, doubles and free games in Slot Tale as well as cascade slots and respins in some locations. "The game has an in-app-purchase option, which means, the player can install it, launch and play for free. Free credits are granted every four hours, in addition to 1000 credits, given for the first launch. The quantity of playing lines and bet per line can be changed at any time. In-game currencies, credits and fairy dust (the key for next locations), can be purchased, though one can play the whole game without buying them." For more info go to .
Dec 02
Alien Skin Software ships Snap Art
Alien Skin Software has released Snap Art 4, the new version of its artistic natural media application for photographers. It transforms a photo into a beautiful work of art that looks completely handcrafted. Snap Art 4 features a redesigned user interface and improved speed. It can be used as a plug-in with popular host software or as a standalone program. Snap Art 4 can styles and media such as oil paint, pencil sketch, watercolor, and crayon. It mimics the techniques of human artists, such as layered brush strokes and enhancement of edges. For more control, the masking tool can bring out extra detail in areas that need it, says Terence Tay, designer of the new Snap Art 4 software. Snap Art 4 is now available at for US$99. Owners of earlier versions of Snap Art may upgrade for $69. Free upgrades will be automatically sent to everyone who purchased Snap Art 3 directly from Alien Skin Software in August 2013 or later. Snap Art 4 may be used as a standalone program...
Dec 02
Raildale: Railway building game coming to OS X, iOS
Indie developer Anton Zherdev has announced the upcoming release of Raildale, a railway building game. It will be available in January for Mac OS X and iOS. Pricing hasn't been announced. The rules of the game are rather simple: the gamer connects multi-color cities with railways. The gamer has to prevent train crashes and go to same color cities. The gamer has to prevent train crashes and go to same color cities. In case of train crash there are big fines to fix it. For more info go to .
Dec 02
Nulana LTD announces NTChart3D for iOS
Nulana LTD has announced NChart3D, a universal charting framework that enables data visualization in iOS applications. It supports different 2D and 3D chart types covering all the most popular analytical and scientific data visualization cases. NChart3D uses hardware-accelerated OpenGL ES based graphics that allows for the rendering of large amounts of data with lighting effects while remaining responsive to user interactions, according to the folks at Nulana LTD. The main element of NChart3D is the standard UIKit UIView subclass. That means it's possible to place it anywhere in the view hierarchy. There's no limit to the number of chart views on the screen. Each of them can be customized individually and display its own data. The layout of elements is automatically adjusted to the frame the chart will be displayed in. For more info go to .
Dec 02
Zevrix Instant Backup now supports Mac OS X 10.9 Maverick
Zevrix Solutions ( has announced Instant Backup 1.8, a compatibility update to its solution to securely back up selected data online and locally. Instant Backup is designed to back up the most important and sensitive active projects and files. FTP backup assures that the data won't be lost in the case of theft, fire or flood. The new version makes Instant Backup compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Instant Backup can be purchased from the Zevrix website for US$14.95, as well as from authorized resellers. A demo is available for download. Instant Backup requires Mac OS X 10.5-10.9.
Nov 29
Razer unleashes Kraken headphones
Razer — which specializes in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems — has launched the US$299 Razer Kraken Forged Edition. The headphones are crafted with ear cups are machined out of aircraft-grade aluminum and finished with a matte texture. The Kraken Forged Edition boasts 40 mm bass-heavy drivers that work in unison with the headphone’s acoustic chambers and isolated closed ear cup design. Leatherette ear cushions line the ear cups. The Kraken Forged Edition also sports a fully adjustable headband, a foldable design, and a swappable cable with an in-line microphone, giving users the versatility to ly convert it into a headset for gaming or telephony.   For more information about the Razer Kraken Forged Edition, check out
Nov 29
LiveCode 6.5 offers automatic scaling for any device
RunRev has released LiveCode 6.5, the first major release of LiveCode since their Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year that culminates in the release in April of LiveCode Community 6.0, the free and open source edition of LiveCode. LiveCode 6.5 brings the first of the stretch goals announced when the Open Source crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter surpassed its stated goals. Dubbed "Resolution Independence" by LiveCode programmers, one new feature takes on all the heavy lifting in supporting screen sizes from the tiniest Android smartphone to the latest Retina displays available for the iPad. LiveCode now scales your app depending on the density of the device it's running on. Text and graphics are scaled automatically and if made available by the developer, LiveCode will choose higher resolution images when running on high density devices. A LiveCode developer can now create a stack that is 1024x768 which will run on both an iPad and iPad Retina without any changes. Mobile...
Nov 29
DEVONtechnologies releases post-Thanksgiving updates
Here are the latest incremental updates for Mac OS X apps: ° DEVONtechnologies has updated all editions of its information and document manager DEVONthink, the smart notebook app DEVONnote, and all editions of the intelligent Internet research assistant DEVONagent. The updates introduce new features and improvements across the board. All apps are optimized for OS X Mavericks. The updates are free and recommended for all users. For more info go to .
Nov 29
Package Central for Adobe InDesign now supports OS X 10.9...
Zevrix Solutions ( has announced Package Central 1.7.1, a compatibility update to its file packaging automation solution for Adobe InDesign. The software automates the collection of InDesign documents by processing files from hot folders. Package Central offloads file packaging to a central system leaving operator workstations free from the document collection process. The new version adds support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Package Central can be purchased for $299.95 from the Zevrix website, as well as from authorized resellers. A demo is available for download. Package Central runs on Mac OS X 10.5-10.9 and works with Adobe InDesign CS3-CC.
Nov 28
Happy Thanksgiving from MacTech and MacNews
The MacTech and MacNews staff want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. We'll be closed today, but open for business as usual on Friday, Nov. 29.
Nov 27
Watchdog for Xcode comes to the Mac App Store
Cerebral Gardens has announced Watchdog for Xcode 1.3. It's a developer utility that automatically cleans up stale cache files that prevent developers from getting a good build, according to Dave Wood, the founder and lead developer at Cerebral Gardens. Watchdog runs in the background, monitoring Xcode and keeping its cache files under control. Developers can trigger a manual clean at any time or customize automatic cleans using four configurable settings. Watchdog for Xcode requires OS X 10.8 or later. It's offered at a limited time launch price of US$1.99 and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Developer Tools category. For more info go to .
Nov 27
Storage Made Easy unveils private dropbox for the enterprise
Storage Made Easy has announced a private dropbox for enterprise with a twist: it works with all existing private and public files and adds cloud control and governance features. SME's Cloud Control Appliance allows IT to unify private and public file sharing into a single, converged storage infrastructure. The SME appliance with existing storage clouds including OpenStack, Amazon S3, Eucalyptus, EMC Atmos, Amazon S3 and over 40 cloud storage providers, according to Storage Made Easy CEO Jim Liddle. The Appliance secures data stored on external clouds by enabling companies to set a private key. This enables companies to know any sensitive data is stored securely when stored off-site. Companies also have the option of leaving data in-situ on-site behind the firewall and encrypting it before sharing. Governance polices enable companies to set polices against data, such as password protection of files and/or time expiry. GEO location polices can be also be set that allow, for example, a...
Nov 27
Gravity Badgers 1.0 launched for Mac OS X
Wales Interactive has introduced Gravity Badgers 1.0 for Mac OS X (10.6 or later) with a launch discount of 50%. It's available for until Dec. 2 for US$2.99. Here's how the game is described: "Step into the space suit of valiant Gravity Badger Captain T Bayback as he ventures into the deadly depths of deep space to save his friends, family and the universe itself from the threat of the deadly Evil Honey Badgers, aka the Hellsett. Featuring stunning eye candy HD graphics, a mind blowing 140 challenging levels, five big boss levels and an amazing soundtrack."
Nov 27
Just Mobile launches the AluBolt dock
Just Mobile has launched the US$49.95 Just Mobile AluBolt, a "high-design" dock for the iPhone and iPad mini. It's sports a curved backrest and Lightning connector. The AluBolt is designed to allow total control of your docked device, even if it’s in a case. It's finished in high-grade aluminium and features an integrated USB cable to keep your iPhone or iPad mini charged, synched and ready to use. For more info go to .
Nov 27
onOne Software announces availability of Perfect Photo Suite 8
onOneSoftware has released Perfect Photo Suite 8, a new version of the standalone photo editor that also integrates with Apple Aperture, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photoshop Elements.   New features include: the Perfect Eraser, with content-aware fill technology; the Perfect Enhance module for essential photo adjustments; a new Browser that streamlines direct access to images wherever they are located; the Perfect Batch engine that applies presets to multiple images with a single click; and a re-engineered Perfect Effects module, with twice as many adjustable filters, customizable presets, and integrated FocalPoint technology. These new tools and capabilities go along with Perfect Photo Suite’s eight modules, one-click presets, tools for automated enhancements, and more. They allow photographers to enhance, retouch, and stylize images in a layered workflow, replace backgrounds, create high-quality enlargements, and prepare images for output. Perfect Photo Suite 8 is now...
Nov 27
Christmas Collection available on the Mac App Store
128bit Technologies has introduces Free Fonts - Christmas Collection 1.0, a new holiday collection of 25 free fonts. It's available for free at the Mac App Store in the Graphics & Design category. Each royalty free font is in OpenType font format, and can be used for any personal and business project. They're cross-platform compatible. The Free Fonts - Christmas Collection requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later. For more info go to .
Nov 27
SintraWorks Releases PDF Nomad 2.3 for Mac OS X
SintraWorks has announced PDF Nomad 2.3, an update to its PDF editor for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and up. It offers an array of features, from simple text search and extraction, to file merging, page splitting, PDF form creation, markup and annotation, booklet creation and much more. Version 2.3 adds dragging selected text to the bookmarks list. Automatically link patterns to web addresses, print annotations only, and more. PDF Nomad 2.3 is available as a single-user license for US$39.99 from the SintraWorks website; a demo is available. The app will be available soon from the Mac App Store.
Nov 27
World Clock Deluxe for Mac OS X ticks to version 4.11.3
MaBaSoft has revved World Clock Deluxe for Mac OS X (10.6 or later), to version 4.11.3. It's a time tool for companies and organizations regularly communicating with people across the world, for frequent travelers, and for home users having family or friends in other countries or time zones. In version 4.11.3,  36 cities belonging to 16 different countries have been added to the World Clock Deluxe. The "Hide World Clock Deluxe icon in the Dock" preference is saved now and new World Clock Deluxe versions will automatically hide the icon in the Dock when they're launched for the first time after having been installed. On Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the icon in the Dock is now hidden or shown without restarting the World Clock Deluxe application. World Clock Deluxe costs US$19 for new users. Version 4.11.3 is a free upgrade for registered users of version 4.x. For more info go to .
Nov 26
Chronos pre-announces iTriumph for OS X Mavericks
Chronos has announced the forthcoming release of iTriumph, a Mac OS X Mavericks app for organizing your personal and business life. "iTriumph integrates calendar, contact, and journal management in a single application," says Robert McCullough, vice president of Sales at Chronos. "Not only will iTriumph help users manage their current obligations and relationships, it will help them reflect on their lives and think big picture.” Through Dec. 4, 2013, iTriumph is available for pre-order at a 50% discount (the regular price is US$49.99 for a single user license and $89.99 for a family pack). Users simply need to enter "preorder2013" when checking out to take advantage of this special offer. iTriumph will be released on Jan. 20, 2014. The app features: day, week, month, year and list views; contact card and contact list views, a journal, daily notes, a task list, weather, event invitations, attendee availability status, alarms, resource scheduling, calendar sharing, CalDAV and CardDAV...
Nov 26
NS Logic announces 'extreme' wireless tethering system
NS Logic has announced XtremeTether, an "extreme" wireless tethering system for select Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras. It gives photographers complete wireless remote control tethering of their Nikon or Canon DSLR cameras, using a WiFi transmitter and free apps for Macs and iPads. XtremeTether transmitter generates its own 802.11 WiFi network hot spot, allowing the device to work even in remote areas where no other computer or wireless network is present. The software is free and runs on Mac OS X and iOS 7. XtremeTether is available now at a special introductory discounted price of US$199. It can be purchased at .
Nov 26
Final Cut Pro X HandHeld effect released by FxFactory
FxFactory, a developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, has introduced CineFlare Handheld to its family of plugins. It's built exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. CineFlare Handheld allows editors to mimic the look one achieves using a handheld camera, such as whip pans, lens focusing and zooms, and even bumps and jitters. Users can choose from over 30 various tools and presets to add various zoom effects and lens movements as well as layer effects for endless variations. CineFlare Handheld is available now through FxFactory for US$49. For more info go to .
Nov 26
Candy Apple for Mac OS X sweetened to version 1.1
128bit Technologies has served up an update to Candy Apple, a vector based graphic design and illustration app designed for Mac OS X. Version 1.1 adds two minor changes. The first now allows the app to support Mac OS X 10.6 with a fix that prohibited running the app on Snow Leopard. The second allows users to save the Help file as a readable PDF on their Mac. Candy Apple is supported on Mac OS X 10.6 and higher (including OS X 10.9 Mavericks). It's available exclusively on the Mac App Store, for a limited time discount of US$14.99, a savings of 50% off the full price of $29.99. For more info go to .
Nov 26
URL Extractor 4.1 optimized for Mac OS X Mavericks
Tension Software ( has released URL Extractor to overs ion 4.1 It's Mac OS X software for extracting emails and URLs from the web and from local files in batch mode. Version 4.1 sports an improved import engine and enhanced management of an optional startup document. It's also optimized for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. 
 URL Extractor costs US$50. It's available at and the Mac App Store.
Nov 26
Judge shoots down company's claim that it invented the...
A federal jury says didn't infringe the patent of a 70-year-old electrical engineer who claims he came up with the idea for the smartphone, reports "Bloomberg" ( The jury in Los Angeles has rejected the claim by NetAirus Technologies, the company owned by inventor Richard L. Ditzik, that the iPhone infringes its patent for a handheld device that combines computer and wireless-communication functions over both a Wi-Fi and cellular telephone network. NetAirus Technologies purportedly filed the patent application in 1997 for a handheld device that combines computer and wireless-communications functions over both a local-area network and a wide-area network.  Apple said in court filings that its Newton message pad, with add-on hardware, could perform the same functions as those claimed by NetAirus’s patent as early as 1994.
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