Windows 8 and Small Screens

Windows 8 has requirements for screen size that can be an issue for the smaller screen Macs such as the MacBook Air 11″. We noticed this when launching Internet Explorer on Windows 8 in a smaller virtual machine window. VMware Fusion cannot launch the version of IE shown on the Windows 8 Start Screen, but it can launch Internet Explorer 10 from the Windows 8 desktop (it’s a different version of IE). Parallels, on the other hand, is able to launch both versions of Internet Explorer.

Figure 24: VMware Fusion won’t allow IE to launch from the Start Screen when window is too small

Figure 25: Parallels Supports the smaller screens launching IE from Windows 8 Start Screen

We’re not sure what Parallels is doing here, but clearly they’ve come up with some workaround to support Windows 8 running on smaller screens.