A study of 1,000 people by Router-Network in the third quarter of 2021 shows 42% of iOS users update their devices to a new release compared to 41% for Android users.

From the report: OS updates are designed to improve a device’s speed and functionality; but sometimes, new updates contain bugs that cause the opposite effect—which is why 38% of all survey respondents were reluctant to update immediately.

For others, time was the primary issue. Thirty-seven percent of respondents indicated that updating a smartphone takes too long. Between reading news feeds, checking investment account balances, or trying to book a vacation, another 33% simply can’t find a convenient time to update their device. IOS users were slightly more hesitant than Android users to immediately update their devices for all three reasons listed above.

However, Android users were more hesitant than iOS users to download new device updates for other reasons. Compatibility issues with different apps was a major worry for 30% of Android users, compared to 21% of iOS users. Similarly, fear of losing files during or after an update concerned 28% of Android users but only 17% of iOS users.

Another 23% of Android users said they are protesting against capitalism by stalling the update process, while 22% of the same group said they’re simply uncomfortable updating immediately. A similar percentage voiced concern about security breaches. Apple users, however, were less concerned about all three of these issues.

Other take-aways from the Router-Network study:

° Sixty-three percent of people believed phone companies purposely slow down old phones to drive sales of newer models.

° Gen Zers were the most likely not to update their phones immediately.

° Fifteen percent of respondents reported experiencing a data breach with their latest update.

° Android users (50%) were more likely than iOS users (40%) to consider switching brands.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today