Netopia’s Timbuktu Pro Harnesses the Power of Mac OS X

Mac OS X Users Enjoy Collaboration and Remote Control Via Timbuktu Pro

ALAMEDA, Calif. (August 15, 2001) – Netopia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTPA), a leading
provider of Mac OS-based collaboration and systems management tools, today
announced the availability of Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS X. The new
application enables Mac OS X users to leverage the unsurpassed remote
control capabilities of Timbuktu Pro, and extends Netopia’s long tradition
of support for Apple’s advanced technologies.

For over twelve years, Timbuktu Pro has been the leading remote control an=
file transfer software for the Macintosh operating system. Timbuktu Pro for
OS X integrates several new features including package distribution, added
security, large file support and the complete Aqua interface. The new
release is backwards compatible through two previous versions of Timbuktu
Pro using the basic remote control, communications, and file transfer

“Timbuktu Pro is ideal for anyone who owns more than one computer, or needs
to collaborate over a local area network, through a modem, or over the
Internet,” said Dovid Coplon, Timbuktu Pro product manager. “Timbuktu Pro
has long been one of the ‘killer apps’ for the Mac OS desktop. For the
large community of Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS users, we are pleased to
announce that a favorite software application is ready for Mac OS X.”

The Remote Office – There’s No Such Place as Far Away Business users can
access their computer from any location– home, hotel, or remote office.
Users can teach friends, co-workers, students, or family members how to use
their computer over virtually any type of connection, from the Internet to
a LAN. Timbuktu Pro users can also quickly transfer files and folders
without tying up email; send instant messages or interactive text chat; and
even talk via voice intercom.

Remote Control – No Problem
Timbuktu Pro enables IT professionals and help desk managers to remotely
control and observe a user’s computer for easy troubleshooting and rapid
problem resolution. IT professionals can update software, train users on
new applications and operating systems, even remotely configure a system
from the comfort of their chair via the network or remote dial-up

“Timbuktu Pro is the ideal tool for migration issues that are an integral
part of changing operating systems,” said Tim Williams, marketing programs
manager with Netopia. “Timbuktu Pro is the ideal training and support tool
for a smooth migration to Mac OS X.”

Timbuktu Pro for OS X Features
In addition to the standard remote control, file exchange and
communications functions, Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS has been updated as

=B7 Leveraging the new OS X architecture, Timbuktu Pro is distributed
as a package, and can handle files, folders, and packages appropriately
within the Exchange function.
=B7 Timbuktu Pro’s new look mirrors the elegant OS X Aqua Interface.
=B7 Multi-gigabyte files can now be exchanged smoothly with Timbuktu Pro.
=B7 Timbuktu Pro can be set to accept incoming connections only when
the application is running, conserving system resources until Timbuktu Pro
is needed.
=B7 OS X tooltips now replace the old balloon help, and the entire help
file is HTML-based, enabling easy navigation and cross-reference.
=B7 Scrambling the guest-to-host stream adds a new layer of security to
Timbuktu Pro sessions.
=B7 A “Features” Preference Panel replaces DropIns for more flexible
=B7 Force Quit can be easily sent to remote OS X machines, avoiding
remote restarts and lost connections.
=B7 Locally, Timbuktu Pro uses all folder and file permissions, based
on the logged in user.

Pricing and Availability
Download versions of Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS are available in the Netopia
online store at, beginning at $179.95 for two
licenses. Special promotional and upgrade pricing is also available, and
boxed product will begin shipping August 30th. Timbuktu Pro for Windows is
also available, and both versions may be purchased in a single, Timbuktu
Pro multiplatform solution.

About Netopia, Inc.
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