Active Storage ( has released the 32TB XRAID, a high-performance RAID storage solution for media production and Apple professionals. These RAID systems feature Active/Active RAID controllers with redundant power and cooling in 3U of rack space.

It utilizes enterprise class 2TB SATA II hard drives and support 4K, multi-stream 2K and HD workflows of all shapes and sizes.The 32TB XRAID offers RAID 6 on standard direct-attached servers, and “spectacular performance” in Xsan2 installations (where up to four streams of 8-bit 1080p uncompressed video are supported on one 16 drive system), according to Alex Grossman, CEO of Active Storage. The 32TB Active XRAID also features a Mac OS X native Storage Management Suite and iPhone monitoring App, plus out-of-the-box Xsan optimization.

Active Storage XRAID systems are sold through selected VARs (value added resellers) and resellers. The Media optimized 32TB enterprise-class hard drive and redundant controller model carries a retail price of US$19,999. The 32 TB XRAID ES retails for $14,999, and differs from the original Active Storage XRAID by utilizing a single high-throughput RAID controller and business-class hard drives.