Microspot at WWDC to Launch Microspot X-RIP Developer Programme

26-04-2002 – Maidstone, Kent, UK – Microspot Ltd., Macintosh, and
Windows-based developer of graphics software and printer/plotter drivers,
is proud to introduce the Microspot X-RIP Developer Programme. This new
Developer Programme will provide its members with the opportunity to test
their applications with the latest Macintosh printer drivers from Microspot
Limited. Microspot will test members’ applications for compatibility with
their drivers. Members of the Microspot X-RIP Developer Programme are
required to supply a full copy of their software applications for testing.
Members will receive a copy of Microspot X-RIP for their own test purposes
should they require it. Microspot -X-RIP
Microspot X-RIP is a professional Mac OS X printer driver. Native to Mac OS
X, Microspot X-RIP utilizes the latest Mac OS X operating system
technologies to provide near photographic output on a wide range of large
format printers.

Designed for users with professional production needs, Microspot X-RIP is
suitable for all types of printing, including: CAD, technical illustration,
graphics, publishing and photographic images. Because Microspot X-RIP is a
native Mac OS X driver it takes advantage of Mac OS X’s technical
capabilities including protected memory and full process pre-emption, which
offers the ability to continue working whilst printing. Microspot X-RIP is
highly configurable. Through the wide range of easy to use settings, you
can configure your individual print jobs according to the document you are
working on.

Other features include Print Center level printing allowing easy management
of your printers and print queues. Support for high-resolution large format
printing up to and including 1200 dots per inch (D.P.I.). Direct USB and
USB-to-Parallel converter support allowing you to connect your Macintosh
directly to your printer. Support for a wide range of printers; including
roll-feed printers. Supports media up to 60″ (1524mm) wide. Microspot X-RIP
uses the Mac OS X Quartz graphics engine for rasterisation providing
support for over 16.7 million colours, all ensuring that your printouts
accurately match their on screen representation. The ideal addition to your
design environment. Microspot X-RIP combines an easy to use Aqua interface
with the latest Mac OS X technologies and high quality output. For more
information about the Microspot X-RIP Developer Programme, please visit our
booth at the World Wide Developers Conference 2002, San Jose, California,
or e-mail

Worldwide Headquarters: Microspot Limited, Concorde House, 10-12 London
Road, Maidstone, Kent ME16 8QA, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1622 687771; Fax +44 (0)
1622 690801; Email:

Enquiries about this press release or requests for review software should
be made to Eleanor Sayers-Smith at Microspot Limited on +44-(0) 1622-687771
or by email at

About Microspot

Microspot is an international developer of Macintosh and Windows software
with offices in the UK and the USA. In addition to an established range of
large format printer and plotter drivers, Microspot offers software for 3D
modeling and animation, interior design, 2D drawing and drafting, image
editing, and media management. Microspot offers affordable, easy-to-use
software that produces professional results. Microspot customers are
business and home users worldwide. Microspot also develops OEM software as
bundled with printers, digital cameras and scanners by major manufacturers.