Product Release Date: 4/29/02

I’m pleased to announce the release of PrintMagic 1.0 for OS X. PrintMagic
for OS X has been developed to provide users with complete control over the
information they print!

PrintMagic is highly customizable, PrintMagic greatly enhances users’
productivity when working with their Macs, and PrintMagic saves users a
significant amount of money by dramatically reducing the amount of
ink/toner and paper that’s used when printing!


* PrintMagic lets users select the text that they want to print in
virtually any program — anything from a single character to multiple
pages. PrintMagic eliminates the need to print an entire page or pages when
all that users want are some snippets, words, sentences, or paragraphs.

* PrintMagic supports styled and colored text.

* PrintMagic includes a virtual Desktop Printer that supports drag-and-drop

* PrintMagic also lets users save their selections to a file.

* PrintMagic lets users add on-the-fly notes to any data that they print.
When using PrintMagic users will always be able to have clearly printed
notes placed adjacent to the information to which they apply.

* PrintMagic’s note feature supports drag-and-drop note creation and the
ability to use drag-and-drop within the note (even a clipping file may be
added to a note).

* PrintMagic supports drag-and-drop printing of clipping files.

* PrintMagic lets users — on the fly — add a time-date stamp to any text
that they print. When using PrintMagic users will always know when they
printed their information, how current it is, and the chronology when
printing multiple versions of a document/selection.

* PrintMagic allows users to print information from many programs even when
those programs can’t print the information.

* PrintMagic eliminates web browser printing problems.

* PrintMagic lets users add a URL stamp to their printed data. With
PrintMagic, users will always be able to easily find the source of their
printed information when printing from the web.

* PrintMagic includes a one page Quick Start Guide, a built-in Tips/Help
file, and optional Help Tags.

* And PrintMagic includes many more features!


OS 10.1 or later


A free, fully functional demonstration version of PrintMagic for OS X is
available at

The direct link to the PrintMagic for OS X page is

Additional information and a registered version of PrintMagic for OS X are
also available at

PrintMagic for OS X includes a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee and
costs only $24.95.