Greetings from Intelli Innovations!

By popular request, Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce
IntelliMerge 2.2 with new delayed mailing. Using delayed mailing,
users can leave their computer to send messages while they’re away.

– [New] By popular request, IntelliMerge now supports delayed mailing
(i.e. “wait until x amount of time has passed then send the message”).

– [New] IntelliMerge now identifies mime types for common attachments,
assisting some Windows-based e-mail clients in identifying attachments.

– [FYI] To use delayed mailing, select “Send Later” from the Message menu.
You will be given options to specify the desired delay, IntelliMerge
will count down to that time, then send the message without any
additional user intervention.

– [Bug] Fixed a potential crash which could occur when unsubscribing
recipients in large numbers.

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