NEWS: FastTrack Schedule 8 Now Shipping

— AEC Software Syncs Release of Powerful, New Mac OS X Version with
Compatible Palm OS Version —

STERLING, VA – July 31, 2002 — AEC Software today announced the
simultaneous release of FastTrack Schedule 8 for Mac OS X and a compatible
handheld version, FastTrack Schedule 8 for Palm OS. FastTrack Schedule 8
delivers new productivity features and precision planning enhancements that
blend seamlessly with a bold new Aqua interface. Professionals and project
managers using the Mac can now leverage Mac OS X to more efficiently
organize, track, and manage projects with FastTrack Schedule 8. Used in
tandem, the desktop and handheld versions of FastTrack Schedule 8 provide a
comprehensive project scheduling solution with instant access to project
details at all times.

“We’re committed to improving our customers’ chances for project success
and reducing the time associated with managing projects,” says Dennis
Bilowus, President and CEO of AEC Software. “FastTrack Schedule 8’s amazing
new Aqua interface and powerful scheduling tools enable Mac OS X users to
be more productive, creative, and effective when managing projects.”

FastTrack Schedule 8 is built for Mac OS X and takes full advantage of the
performance enhancements, simplicity, and elegance of Mac OS X. In addition
to the bold new Aqua appearance, the accessibility and functionality of the
entire FastTrack Schedule interface has been improved. Menus now have a
more intuitive Office(TM)-like structure, dialogs have been reengineered
for easier navigation, and toolbars have a crisper, cleaner look–making it
easier than ever to perform scheduling procedures.

FastTrack Schedule 8 provides superior presentation capabilities with new
auto-styles per outline level, millions of new color choices, and QuickTime
graphic support. Users can now set specific font styles and row background
colors for each outline level of a project to easily maintain consistent
formatting for each project phase. FastTrack Schedule 8 also offers
millions of new color choices for elements such as rows, text, bar styles,
and legends as well as the ability to import and export a wider array of
graphic file formats through the use of QuickTime, a Mac exclusive feature.

The new Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) feature enables FastTrack Schedule 8
users to identify project tasks with customizable numeric or alphanumeric
labels, which precisely pinpoint a task’s position within the hierarchy of
a project. Summary bar options have been enhanced to include an “always
summarize” feature that displays comprehensive summary bars even when
outline levels are expanded, and users can now expand or collapse projects
to a specific outline level to show varying levels of project detail.

New tutorials, templates, examples, and bar styles help users jump-start
their projects while additional FastSteps(TM) increase
productivity–automating repetitive steps and routine operations. FastTrack
Schedule 8 also adds new bar labels for resources, an enhanced polygon
editor for creating custom endpoints, in-depth Help tips within dialogs,
three new toolbars, new keyboard shortcuts, an improved Online Help System,
and continued support for AppleScript. For more information on new
features, visit

In addition to the desktop version, AEC Software also released a compatible
handheld version for the Palm OS. FastTrack Schedule 8 for Palm OS enables
users to view multiple schedules, add or edit project information, beam
schedules to other Palm devices, and sync schedules directly with the Mac
OS X desktop version of FastTrack Schedule 8. The new mobile version offers
improved syncing and supports the new Mac OS X Palm Desktop software 4.0
and HotSync Manager.

Free Trial Versions Available

Trial versions of FastTrack Schedule 8 and FastTrack Schedule 8 for Palm OS
are available online at the AEC Software website:

Pricing and Availability

FastTrack Schedule 8 is available for an estimated retail price of US $299.
Upgrades from previous versions of FastTrack Schedule start at US $129, and
customers who purchased FastTrack Schedule 7 after December 31, 2001, are
eligible for a free upgrade to FastTrack Schedule 8. For details, visit FastTrack
Schedule is also available in 5-user, 10-user, 25-user, and
custom-configured network server versions as well as a compatible Windows

FastTrack Schedule 8 for Palm OS is available for an estimated street price
of US $99. Upgrades for registered users of earlier version are available
for $29. These offers are available directly from AEC Software. For more
information, complete system requirements, or to order, customers can
contact AEC Software at (800) 346-9413 or visit

About AEC Software

Headquartered in Sterling, VA, AEC Software, Inc. develops and publishes
business productivity software for Macintosh, Windows, and Palm. Fortune
500 companies and industry leaders use AEC Software’s products to schedule
activities, manage project information, and achieve project goals. For more
information about AEC Software and FastTrack Schedule, visit