Em Software (http://emsoftware.com/) has announced updates for InData, InCatalog, and Xtags, its suite of data publishing products for the latest version of Adobe’s InDesign, CS5.

These new versions bring their own new features to the table, as well as take advantage of some remarkable new features in InDesign CS5, according to Em Chief Technical Officer Chris Roueche.. InData and InCatalog no longer require a separate copy of Xtags to handle XPress-Tagged text, and InCatalog adds link markers for page items as well as more complex SQL query support.

Upgrades to these products are free for CS4 versions purchased after Sept.15, 2009, and otherwise cost US$150 each for InData and Xtags, and $300 for InCatalog (one-packs). InData and Xtags are $400 new, and InCatalog is $800 new, or $1,200 with ODBC support (Pro version).