Mirye Software has released four E Frontier Mori Collections, compatible with Shade 7 and higher. Each pack includes elements that 3D designers and animators can use to save time in texture and effect development time.

Mori Collection 11: Hard Surfaces, includes hundreds of hard surface textures in categories such as concrete, glass, metal, tile and rock/soil. Mori Collection 12: Soft Surfaces includes soft surfaces such as paper, cloth, curtains and fabric. Mori Collection 13: Wood Surfaces is specialized in textures for specific types of wood and wood products, such as teak wood, wood bark, wood paneling and includes a Japanese tatami mat. Mori Collection 14: Science Fiction includes textures, example models and texture effects specific to the genre.

These collections are backwards compatible with Shade 7 and later (including the currently shipping Shade 10) and come in the native Shade file format. Shade is a 3D modeling, rendering and animation professional graphics software on Mac OS X and Windows.

Mori Collections 10, 11, 12 and 13 are immediately available for purchase and download from Mirye Store (http://www.mirye.net), with a per collection price of US$29.