Genius (, a brand division of KYE Systems
Corp., has announced a new compact, pocket-size high-definition
digital video camera that captures both high-resolution stills (at 11
megapixels) and high-definition video (at 5-megapixels in
MPEG-4/H.264 format)

Launched today and weighing under six ounces, the G-Shot HD520 is
both Mac OS X and Windows (Vista/XP/2000) compatible and designed
with a 2.5-inch LTPS LCD screen that can rotate up to 270-degrees to
allow users to shoot videos from any angle or position. The G-Shot
HD520 comes equipped with Face Detection to track and detect faces
accurately, as well as Electronic Image Stabilizers (EIS) to detect
and correct hand-shaking when shooting photos.

The handheld camcorder has a built-in memory of 32MB and supports
additional HCSD memory up to 8GB. The G-Shot outputs to today’s
high-resolution flat-panel televisions using the included HDMI cable.
Photos can be uploaded to a computer for digital editing, archiving
or sharing with friends. Additionally the Z-Lighting technology
enhances brightness in low-light environments.

The G-Shot HD520 is also capable of shooting still photos (up to
11-megapixels), listening to music, reading e-books, playing voice
recordings, and it can also be used as a portable media player.
Priced at US$149, the G-Shot HD520 comes with a 7.1 mm lens, a 5X
digital zoom, and a Li-ion rechargeable battery.