Oten Inc., the parent company of Sena Cases, has introduced a new
product line under a new brand name, DomeSkin
(http://www.domeskin.com). DomeSkin was founded as a new entity and a
subsidiary of Oten, Inc. with its headquarters in Tustin, California.
All DomeSkin products are manufactured in the USA.

DomeSkin designs are protective, scratch-resistent skins for mobile
devices utilizing a new 3D “dome” patented technology used in the
construction of the DomeSkins. They provide a 3D look, slim profile
and enhanced device gripping designed to prevent slipping.

The Skins can be removed from the device and purportedly come off
totally clean thanks to the patented 3M technology used in the
construction of the skins. UThe DomeSkin is also reusable due to the
“clear dome” armor/resin built into the skin.

The DomeSkin product assortment works with a variety of iPhones and
iPods with a retail price of US$14.99.