He has REALbasic…

This will be a native PowerPC Challenge, using the development environment
of your choice (provided I have a copy – email progchallenge@www.mactech.com to
check before you use something else). You can develop for Mac OS 9 or Mac
OS X. Evaluation of your entry will be subjective, based first on the
required features, then on optional features, and finally on general
usability and look-and-feel. To ensure that I fairly evaluate your
solution, you should include in your submission a list of any optional
features you incorporated.

Lorin Rivers 512.263.1233 x712 v
Product Manager 512.263.1441 f
REAL Software mailto:lrivers@realsoftware.com
PMB 220 http://www.realsoftware.com
3300 Bee Cave Road, Suite 650
Austin, Texas 78746
REALbasic: the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own
software for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows.