Roland Corp. has released a system upgrade for the Juno-G Workstation
Keyboard, adding Fantom-series audio sampling functionality that you
can use alongside all the other Juno-G features. The version 2.0
software upgrade is a free download.

With he Juno-G Version 2.0 upgrade are these features, sample audio
can be imported from external sources — and you can import audio
phrases from the removable flash memory. Samples can be assigned to
trigger from the Juno-G’s function buttons or the Juno-G’s keyboard.

Velocity and note number can be assigned individually for each sample
in version 2.0 of the software. You can adjust start, end and loop
points using the Juno-G’s front panel control knobs. The software
update includes sampling editing such as Truncate, Normalize,
Emphases, Sample Chop and Combine. Samples can automatically match
BPM in real-time to changes made to the tempo of your song.

To download JUNO-G Version 2.0 software upgrade, please visit