In his latest “Power On” newsletters, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says Apple’s attempts to keep its stores from unionizing are continuing, with the tech giant looking to avoid the kind of labor inroads seen at companies like and Starbucks.

From the report: Over the past two weeks, managers at Apple’s roughly 270 US retail outlets held meetings with staff members to discuss the risks of unionization and provide a planned update on bargaining between the company and the first unionized store, a location in Towson, Maryland.

The talks, held during gatherings known as Daily Downloads, followed a bit of a lull at Apple. Months ago, the company held Q&A and information sessions aimed at addressing unions and its retail chief sent a video to staffers on the topic. Apple also withheld new benefits from unionized locations, drawing outcry from labor advocates.

The efforts have so far appeared to work: Only two Apple stores have unionized — Towson and Oklahoma City — and locations that sought to organize workers in Atlanta and St. Louis have walked back their efforts. That means that the current state of unionization at Apple is a far cry from the momentum seen at Starbucks and other chains.

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today