Some folks who updated their Macs and iPads to Apple’s latest software updates are reporting problems with Continuity features like Universal Control and Handoff.

Since last week’s release of macOS 13.3 and iPadOS 16.4, many users have taken to the MacRumors Forums, Reddit, Twitter, and Apple’s Support Communities to voice their frustration at the lack of functionality after updating.

Here are some of the complains from Apple’s support page:

° I have 2 Macs, a 16″ M1 MAX MacBook Pro and a 13″ M1 MacBook Pro that previously worked utilizing Universal Control to control both machines. After updating both to Ventura 13.3 today, Universal control no longer works. I’ve attempted multiple settings toggles and restarts of both machines including completely disabling the universal controls settings + Handoff controls on both machines and restarting both. 

° I’m in the same boat and it finally came down to the same issue with my firewall as written by this reddit user:

° I had to re-enable the firewall on my Intel macBook, reboot it, toggle my WiFi/Bluetooth and Universal Control settings, then Universal Control popped back up in the firewall settings with incoming connections allowed, and started working again. Good luck!

° I’m experiencing what @ForeverTangent is seeing. I just updated BOTH my i7 MBP and M1 Air to 13.3. There are no updates available for Xcode, the firewall is not enabled on the MBP (the UC ‘primary’) and enabled by policy on the Air, e.g. I cannot disable it. I’m seeing the following ERROR in the Console when I try to launch UC from Finder.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today