Trinfinity Software releases Seagull Video Player version 1.0.

NEW YORK, N.Y. – – November 14, 2001 – – Trinfinity Software released today
Seagull Video Player 1.0, which enables the user to create a playlist of
video files and play them, full screen, on their computer.

Due to the speed limitations of most Internet connections, videos often
have to broken up into pieces to make it easier for users to download them.
Anyone who has ever waited all night to download a video, only to lose the
connection and have to start again, knows the value of being able to
download videos in pieces. Now, there is no need for interruption when one
segment ends. Users will no longer be bewildered by complex video editors
as they attempt to re-assembly their video. Just select the video files you
want to play, choose the order, and hit play. It couldn’t be easier!

Seagull Video Player can be used to watch segmented movies, movie clips,
favorite television commercials, episodes of favorite television shows,
business presentations, or any kind of videos. We use it in our offices to
constantly play Apple videos (commercials, keynotes, WWDC Conference
Sessions, etc.).

Seagull Video Player plays videos on the entire screen, so there aren’t any
distractions. The videos are also automatically adjusted to be shown at the
largest size, without disturbing the aspect ratio. Why buy a more expensive
product, just to get features that you don’t need and will never use?


Our intention for this project was to design a Sequential Agile Full Screen
Video Player. Each part will be explained individually.

Sequential: Opening each video file and playing it individually is
frustrating and time consuming. Pre-selecting a number of video files and
playing them sequentially, in any order, without having to do it manually
is more efficient.

Agile: The video player had to be agile, it should play many formats.
QuickTime was chosen as it has built-in support for many file formats.

Full Screen: The videos should play on the entire screen – not in a window.
There would be less distractions and the video can be viewed better from
farther away.

The name seagull comes from the letters of our goal: SEquential AGile fULL
screen video player


– Simple, easy to use interface.
– Supports many of the video formats that are supported in QuickTime. (MPEG,
MOV, AVI, etc.)
– Videos are automatically played at the largest size without disturbing the
aspect ratio.
– Add an entire folder of videos to the playlist with the Add Folder button.
– Add individual video files to the playlist with the Add Video button.
– Remove individual or a group of video files from the playlist with the
Remove button.
– Users can control the order of the videos in their playlist with the Up
and Down buttons.
– Users can shuffle their playlist with the Shuffle button.
– Playlist window contains a preview area, where you can play a miniature
version of any video file in the playlist.
– Play, Pause, Next Video, Previous Video controls.
– On-line help available via Balloon Help.


– Seagull Video Player for Macintosh requires MacOS 8.0 or later.
– Seagull Video Player requires QuickTime. The latest version of QuickTime
is suggested and it can be download from Apple at:
– Seagull Video Player Carbon requires MacOS 8.6 or later.
– Seagull Video Player Carbon requires CarbonLib 1.2.5 or later. CarbonLib
is free and can be downloaded from Apple’s Support Downloads.


Seagull Video Player is available for the following platforms:

– Macintosh 68k
– Macintosh FAT
– Macintosh PowerPC
– Macintosh Carbon for MacOS X


Seagull Video Player is made with REALbasic, a state of the art Macintosh
IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and RAD (Rapid Application
Development) tool. This dramatically reduces the time needed to create and
update Seagull Video Player, which allows us to provide updates to
customers much faster.


Seagull Video Player v1.0 is available for download at: