IntelliScanner Corp. ( has introduced
Custom Asset Tags, personalized asset tags for tracking home and
business items with IntelliScanner’s line of home and business

By scanning the barcode on a custom asset tag, IntelliScanner mini
users can track, search and sort their collections. Custom Asset Tags
can be applied to books, furniture, electronics and other household
items without barcodes, then scanned with IntelliScanner mini to
create a home inventory for insurance or tax purposes.

They can also be used with IntelliScanner SOHO, the portable scanner.
Small business customers can add barcodes to their business by
applying Custom Asset Tags to their assets and then scanning the
barcode with IntelliScanner SOHO to track, sort and search their
inventory. IntelliScanner SOHO and Custom Asset Tags work to
instantly assign permanent barcodes to business inventory, says Paul
Scandariato, director of IntelliScanner Corp. IntelliScanner SOHO
users can order “property of” asset tags with their company name to
protect assets against lost or theft or use custom tags to track
inventory by name, manufacturer or model.

IntelliScanner Custom Asset Tags can be applied to anything without a
barcode to track, manage and organize items. Each tag is printed with
an individual’s name or company name and a unique serial barcode
number to avoid duplicate numbers. Customers receive their
personalized, pre-printed custom tags direct from IntelliScanner,
without having to use their own printers.

Custom Asset Tags are constructed on a polypropylene label and then
printed on demand with a high-quality resin, for long-lasting
durability in any environment, according to Scandariato. The adhesive
on each custom tag ensures a smooth application and permanent
placement on any item, he adds.

Customers can order asset tags with their name or any text such as
“Jon’s Wines,” “Smith Family Collection,” or “Elizabeth’s Office”
direct from IntelliScanner, then peel and stick the tags to anything
they want to track — books, periodicals, furniture, wine, appliances
or electronics. Each tag can be used with IntelliScanner mini or
IntelliScanner SOHO to track items without barcodes.

Custom Asset Tags are now available with custom personalization in
rolls of 100, 250 and 500 for US$24, $48 and $79, respectively.