Proavio U.S.A. (, a developer of storage
systems and tools for digital media production, has released the new
Studiorack S4UF FireWire storage solutions for pro audio recording,
mixing and archive. Featuring a 13.5-inchdepth design, the Studiorack
S4UF is designed for use in standard studio equipment racks,
workstation desks and mobile rack cases.

A dual aluminum enclosure increases the system’s thermal efficiency
by up to 30 percent while reducing disk and fan noise, allowing the
Studiorack S4UF to be used within the critical listening environment,
according to the folks at Proavio. A multi-interface board design and
JBOD configuration give users the freedom to tailor the S4UF’s
configuration to fit their particular needs.

Users can create striped disk sets, mirrored sets or use as separate
disks. The Studiorack SFUF has hot-swap disk bay and four serial ATA
disk. It’s designed for use with Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Digital
Performer, Cakewalk, Samplitude, Nuendo, Cubase, Final Cut Studio and
other creation software packages.
Studiorack S4UF features a flexible multi-interface design including
FW800, FW400 and USB 2.0. Studiorack S4 models are available in
capacities ranging from 1.0TB to 4.0TB and available through
authorized dealers world-wide.