Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) analyst Ross Young predicts that Apple is planning to launch an external monitor with a 27-inch mini-LED display in the first quarter of 2023. How about an iMac with such a display?

Such a ProMotion screen would be great for gamers with a refresh rate of 120MHz rather than 60MHz. 120Hz refreshes four times faster than 30Hz and two times quicker than 60Hz, producing smoother motion and transitions. Faster update times also mean lower latency, because the pixels are being refreshed more often.

ProMotion displays are also adaptive; they can change their refresh rates to suit whatever it is you’re doing. While playing a game you might use the full refresh rate of 120Hz for smooth gameplay; however, if you’re simply staring at a static screen then the iMac could reduce the refresh rate appropriately.

The technology first came out back in 2017 and was housed in the iPad Pro, with Apple calling it the “world’s most advanced display” at the time. Since then it has been integrated into more Apple products and is one of the most well-known features of the iPad and iPhone range. It’s time for it to come to the iMac.

Such a display would likely add a few hundred extra bucks to the iMac. However, for some folks — as mentioned, mainly gamers — it would be worth it.

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today