I’ve been offering my thoughts on what we might see in a Mac in recent columns. We’ll conclude the series (for now) with a few thoughts from our “MacNews” readers.

Here’s what Ray Comeau would like to see: “What I want to see in a future Mac laptop, is the ability to scan a document directly into a documents folder without the need to buy more hardware. Just imagine getting a piece of paper you need for tax purposes or legal reasons or for long term archiving and being able to scan into a doc folder at any place at any time. (In the airport waiting for a flight, in a clients office during a meeting, sitting in a presentation, etc.) I am not always in my office or home when need to scan a document. For road warriors this is a great practical addendum.”

Loren Kruse says: “I believe we need to see a generation of software advancement for the Mac. I I would love to see a new touch interface for the Mac. Maybe a combo where you could still use the mouse but also use a touch tablet. I don’t believe a touch screen will catch on as the reach with your arm would get tiring.”

And Hans Mittendorf says: “What sucks is the new philosophy of ‘new devises’. Nothing is compatible! I wish I could implement some nice little programs I made on the Mac on an iPhone, but it does not work! Apple please write a new ‘Rosetta’ for apps to match the iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.”

— Dennis Sellers