Code (, which specializes in healthcare automation and mobile technology, is shipping a fully-enclosed battery case for the iPhone 7 and 8. 

Designed for healthcare, the CR7000 mobile case is exclusively built with PVC-free CodeShield disinfectant-ready plastics and Dragontrail glass. This completely sealed enclosure not only protects the iPhone from repeated chemical wipe downs, but promotes a higher level of patient safety, removing access for germs to hitch a ride from one patient room to another. 

Mobile technology at the point of care has historically been unable to stand up to strict cleaning and disinfecting processes, according to Jennifer Braun, mobile program manager, Code. This meant devices would get damaged under chemical exposure, or worse, they weren’t being cleaned properly, contributing to the spread of infectious disease.  The CR7018 solves this problem by protecting the mobile devices from damage while promoting easy, thorough disinfection.

The CR7000 mobile series is designed explicitly for clinical workflows. The CodeShield plastics and Dragontrail glass screen protector provide confidence and durability; the fully enclosed housing safeguards against potentially harmful biomatter buildup; the quick-swap batteries and charging solutions provide 24/7 power and flexibility to keep your clinicians on the go; the BatteryTrak mobile application gives administrators visibility to the age of their batteries and helps them plan appropriately for replacements.