FishSkyn’s unique MacBook skins are gorgeous and can add a bit of flair to your laptop. I’ve been using the Malibu skin (pictured) on my 16-inch MacBook Pro for over a week. Not only does it look great, but it also adds a smidge of protection.

Once applied, the skins offer scratch protection and increased grip with almost no added bulk or weight.The FiskSkyns are easy to apply. For proper installation, check out this video, have a little patience, and take your time. I managed to install mine with no air bubbles — and that never happens when I try to, for example, apply a screen protector to an iPhone or iPad!

FiskSkyn also has a great return policy. If you haven’t peeled the backing paper off the skin you purchased and if it’s not been used or abused, you can get a full refund. You can also switch it out for another skin if you accidentally ordered the wrong size.

The FiskSkins are reasonably priced at US$26 each. At that price — and since they’re easy to remove — you can clothe your Mac laptop in different skins at different times or for different moods. There’s no residue left behind after removal. (Also the company makes skins for iPhones, iPads, and other devices.)

Review overview


Ease of applying9

The Pros

  • Looks great
  • offers scratch protection
  • easy to apply and remove

The Cons

  • Cons: not what you need if you want maximum protection


9.7If you’re looking for maximum protection for an electronic device, you should go with a hard or rubber case. However, they add weight to the device and, in many cases, ruin an Apple product’s aesthetics. I find the Fiskskins a great compromise.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today