Red Giant’s ( Magic Bullet Suite 12 delivers a potent color correction and grading experience with a number of new features and improvements to existing tools.

Built on the same foundation as the Red Giant Universe, Magic Bullet Suite 12 includes GPU acceleration for Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista III, Mojo, Cosmo and Magic Bullet Film, bringing real time color correction and grading directly to the editing host application. New features in Magic Bullet Looks include 198 new Looks presets based off of popular films and TV shows, as well as nine new tools – like the color space tool, 4-way color tool, and the film negative and film print tools.

Colorista III has been streamlined and now integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud’s new masking and automatic tracking features, making multi-layered, masked corrections easier than ever. The new Magic Bullet Film gives footage the look of real motion picture film by emulating the entire photochemical process – from the original film negative, to color correction and finally to the print stock.

The Magic Bullet Suite integrates within an artist’s host application of choice, giving users real time tools directly on their editing timeline. In addition, the newly updated tools in Magic Bullet Suite 12 remove the barriers of complexity usually found in professional color correction programs, by offering intuitive controls that provide artists with a more familiar experience.

The Magic Bullet Suite also includes LUT Buddy – a tool for creating, importing and exporting Look Up Tables to and from your editing timeline. It allows you to share color decisions with LUT compliant devices and software – so you can take your color ideas anywhere.

Magic Bullet Suite 12 is available today and can be purchased for US$799 ($199 upgrade) through Red Giant and Red Giant resellers. Customers can purchase individual products or the entire Magic Bullet Suite 12.