Dynamsoft (www.dynamsoft.com) has updated its Web TWAIN software development kit (SDK) to provide native scanning support in Mac OS X, removing the need to install a driver for use. The kit is used by developers to create a web-based document management system.

Dynamic Web TWAIN 9.1 also features Sandbox security. This ensures browser-based image scanning applications are securely separated from the imaging devices. The use of Sandbox also ensures hassle-free communication with TWAIN-compliant devices, says Amy Gu, vice president of Dynamsoft . Supported devices include TWAIN-compatible scanners, digital cameras or capture cards.

Dynamic Web TWAIN 9.1 is licensed per web server and is available starting Aug., 27. Separate Mac, ActiveX or Plugin Editions start at US$799 per production server. There is an ActiveX + Plugin + Mac Edition starting at $1,599 per production server. A royalty-free (unlimited web servers) option is also available for each edition.