Apple has accused Samsung of failing to comply with a court order handed down last year, after Samsung was forced to hand over the source code to Apple relating to its patent infringing devices, like the Galaxy Tab 10.1, reports “ZDNet” (

Samsung “only partially complied with” a previous court order, Apple said in a filing in a San Jose, California federal court, after only one of the devices’ source code was handed over to the technology super-giant for inspection, the article adds. The deadline for handing over the code was December 31, but with a trial date set for August 25, it doesn’t give Apple enough time, the filing said.

This is yet another round in the global, ongoing brouhaha between Apple and Samsung involving patent disputes. The two companies have filed more than 30 lawsuits against each other across four continents. A German court on Friday dismissed two cases brought by Apple and Samsung against each other as part of an ongoing legal battle.