Excel Software (http://www.excelsoftware.com) has updated MacA&D — a software solution for system analysis, requirements management, software design, code generation and custom reports — to version 3.1. Enhancements include support for UML 2.2, data flow diagrams, class models and code generation for REALbasic and Objective-C 2.0.

MacA&D 3.1 enables a software designer to draw the 14 major diagram types specified by UML 2.2, including newly added support for Component, Component Structure and Timing diagrams. The Timing diagram can show object states with multiple state lines or shaded areas. Diagrams may contain component objects, classes with ports and required or provided interfaces using ball
and socket notation. Sequence diagrams can have interaction frames with conditional regions.

Data flow diagrams are enhanced to allow links to external child diagrams. A process on one diagram can link to a child diagram in a different document. This enables each developer in a project team to work independently on separate documents yet maintain an integrated project with a global data dictionary and double-click navigation between diagram levels. Data flow names can be drawn horizontal or vertical on a diagram with the name coming from the Flow Properties dialog or as a composite list from the dictionary entry.

Class models and code generation now support the new property constructs in Objective-C 2.0. Developers can model a REALbasic project with a UML class diagram, then generate or view source code with one click.

MacA&D is a Universal Binary application for PowerPC or Intel Mac OS X computers available by single user or site license. The standard edition is US$495, the desktop edition is $1,195 and the developer edition is $1995. The company web site has demonstration videos and PDF white papers on a variety of development topics.