24U Plug-In AutoInstaller 1.1 for simple FM plug-in management

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

24U Software updated 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller to version 1.1. This utility
for simplifying installation, registration and updates of all plug-ins in
your multi-user FileMaker solutions is also available with every FileMaker
plug-in from 24U Software.

New features of the version 1.1:

– improved user interface
– added interface for preparing version files
and MacBinary encoded copies of plug-ins

What is 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller?

24U Plug-In AutoInstaller is a FileMaker plug-in management utility, that
removes your pain from using plug-ins in a multi-user environment. It
simply automates installation, registration, and updates of all the
plug-ins you use in your multi-user FileMaker solutions. This utility comes
pre-configured for 24U FileMaker Plug-Ins, but it can be used for other 3rd
party plug-ins as well.

More info: http://www.24usoftware.com/Autoinstaller
Download: http://www.24usoftware.com/Autoinstaller#download

Primary functions of 24U Plug-In AutoInstaller:

– Simplifies automated update/installation of plug-ins in networked solutions
– Requires absolutely no script editing to install all your plug-ins
– Automatically registers (unlocks) all your plug-ins with serial numbers
– Lets you to specify both minimum and maximum required version
– Simple configuration for all plug-ins, all features, and all platforms

Free of charge. Also available with every 24U FileMaker plug-in!

24U Software offers solutions for people, not for computers!
Since 2000 24U Software has been committed to production of easy to use
software that makes working and developing with FileMaker, AppleScript and
QuarkXPress faster, simpler and cheaper. Behind 24U products is a well
coordinated team of specialists who have been working with FileMaker,
AppleScript and QuarkXPress since their first releases.

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