SubRosaSoft Ships CipherDisk 1.0
— Live – transparent – encryption for OS X —

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, (December 2nd, 2003)—,
Ltd., a software company based in New Zealand focusing on privacy and
system utility software, today announced the immediate availability of
CipherDisk=FA. CipherDisk allows bullet-proof protection of data on
internal drives, external firewire or USB drives, and CD/DVDs from
prying eyes.

SubRosaSoft CipherDisk provides "driver level" 448-bit
transparent on-the-fly encryption for OS X volumes. Once you convert a
plain volume to an encrypted volume, it will be inaccessible
to anyone until you enter a password to unlock it. When unlocked, the
drive will run and behave normally like a regular volume.

"A lot of encryption products are cumbersome to use, requiring a
user to create virtual volumes of disk images. On CipherDisk, we
strived to deliver a product that users could use without having to
learn anything extra, whilst providing the strongest encryption."
Said Marko Kostyrko, co-author of CipherDisk and CEO of

"The very core of SubRosaSoft is privacy technology. The company
name is a latin legal term for ‘in private’. We New Zealanders are
very conscious of our rights to privacy–I am proud to deliver this
technology to the entire world and yet achieve the most transparent
product. CipherDisk is an essential tool in protecting your data from
prying eyes." Concluded Ben Slaney, co-author of CipherDisk.

CipherDisk includes powerful yet easy-to-use features:
Transparent encryption
Use your files and disks the same way you do now – but with strong
Built for Panther and Jaguar
Designed for compatibility with the two latest ranges of OS X from
Password protection for CDs, DVDs, firewire, USB, and internal
Device independent support for all your important data
Peer reviewed and proprietary encryption methods

* Blowfish (supporting full 448 bit keys for full encryption) –
Bruce Schneier

* TEA (128 bit encryption) – Cambridge University

* SRS (128 bit encryption) – SubRosaSoft proprietary TEA

* Keyed XOR (simple cipher for speed)

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

SubRosaSoft CipherDisk is now available at the manufacturer’s
suggested retail price (MSRP) of US$79.95.
Site licenses are available. For more information, please contact

For more information on CipherDisk please visit (a

SubRosaSoft CipherDisk requires System 10.2 or higher (ready for

More About SubRosaSoft Software, Ltd

Founded in 2002, Ltd is a New Zealand based company
specializing in privacy and system utility software. SubRosaSoft’s
design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet extremely powerful

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