Cross Culture Releases Mergemill 3
Latest Upgrade Supports XML and Delivers a Big Boost in Speed

HONG KONG — December 1, 2003 — Cross Culture Limited today announced the
immediate release of Mergemill 3, which is a versatile publishing tool for
the web or CD-ROM. The software merges templates with content source files
to generate the desired output. It enables users to quickly create web
pages from a database or spreadsheet, or reformat database data into
readable form for publishing. Source contents may easily come from
FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, 4th Dimension, Microsoft Excel,
AppleWorks, or any text editor.

The upgrade is a significant release for current Mergemill users. It adds
support for content source files in XML format, and has been extensively
optimized to greatly boost its performance. A recent test run generating
18,000 web pages showed a speed increase of 700 percent. Mergemill’s
database engine has also been updated to ensure full compatibility with the
latest Windows and Macintosh operating systems, including Windows Server
2003 and MacOSX Panther.

“We have been working hard to make publishing on the web or CD-ROM both
quick and easy for our users,” said Vitus Chak, the Managing Director of
Cross Culture Ltd. “Mergemill 3 delivers well on the speed side, and we
continue our effort to make it real easy. We will suggest more application
ideas and provide more free web templates on our web site. Users are most
welcome to contribute as well.”

System Requirements, Pricing and Availability

Mergemill 3 supports any PC running at least Windows 98SE. On the Mac it
requires at least OS 9.2 or OSX 10.2. Its graphics processing features
require Apple QuickTime. Customers can purchase Mergemill from the
company’s web site ( for USD 79 with the single
user license. Upgrade is free for registered users of earlier versions.

Cross Culture Limited provides high-quality database solutions since 1995,
and is committed to bringing the best software tools to users around the