AquaFold ( has released Aqua Data Studio 10, an update to its universal database query and administration software. It’s designed to make it simple for database professionals to visualize and manipulate multiple relational databases from within a single interface.

In version 10, Aqua Data Studio’s functionality has integrated even more enterprise tools requested by database professionals, according to AquaFold Chief Software Architect Niels Gron. The new Secure Shell, Compression Tool, PDF Viewer, and Version Control clients for Perforce and Git help streamline day-to-day IT tasks and enhance the overall functionality of the software, he adds.

This release has also been redesigned and optimized with a multithreaded architecture that allows time-intensive tasks, such as complex database queries or connections over slow networks, to continue in the background without affecting overall GUI [graphical user interface] performance. Contact AquaFold for pricing.