Ergonis Software has released PopChar X 5.3 with support for the new Apple Color Emoji font, which was added in Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”).

In addition to that, a new snippet set for Typinator, the company’s popular text expander, now provides access to the symbols of the Apple Color Emoji font. Version 5.3 also contains further enhancements like visibility in all spaces, an improved technique for saving and restoring the clipboard contents, reduced CPU load, and more.

For even quicker access to Apple Color Emoji characters, Typinator users can use Ergonis’ new Emoji snippet set. To insert a color symbol, pop up Typinator’s Quick Search box and type a short phrase that describes the symbol.

The new Emoji set for Typinator can be downloaded free of charge and installed into Typinator with a double-click. However, the set isn’t functional as a stand-alone tool, but requires a licensed version of Typinator 4.0 or newer. Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or newer is required to use the full potential of the “Emoji” set.

The current versions of Typinator and PopChar X require Mac OS X 10.4 or newer and are fully compatible with Lion. For all Ergonis products, the company recommends upgrading to the most recent release versions for usage on Lion.

Typinator and PopChar X can be purchased on the Ergonis Software website ( The upgrade to current versions is free for all customers who purchased in the last two years. All customers who purchase an upgrade or new license of PopChar or Typinator now, will get the next major versions, PopChar 6.0 or Typinator 5.0, for free. New licenses are approximately US$42 and $27, respectively.