Art.Station is a new audio-enhancing iPod dock from the David Wiener
Collection (DWC). It’s sculpted from a block of solid T6 airplane
aluminum and purportedly “delivers a jolt of dynamic impact to
compressed music file” by using DWC*Aphex, an exclusive
audio-enhancing circuit.

The Art.Station also lets owners charge their iPods or iPhones and
play them through any stereo or powered speaker system and improve
the system’s performance at the simple flip of a switch. RCA input
jacks let users also enhance the audio from a XBox, PlayStation and
Nintendo systems, satellite radio, cable converter boxes, computers,
and just about any another other audio source.

The Art.Station features convenient connections, a hand-polished
chassis, and a set-up process that takes about a minute. Available
now, the Art.Station, is already in demand by select retail and
online ( outlets at a
suggested price of US$499.95.