Agama (, a new consumer electronics company,
has entered the marketplace today by launching a line of new webcams.
The line purportedly features high-definition video.

The webcams’ features also include: a high pixel count, auto focus,
and one with infrared technology to provide night vision for late
night or early morning web chats. Each webcam comes complete with
built-in microphones and a foldable, portable design for on-the-go

The V-2050AF is a high-definition 2-mega pixel auto focus webcam.
Priced at US$69.90, the V-2050AF comes complete with a motorized auto
focus glass lens and can handle HD video (at 1280 x 720). It supports
streaming video and still image capture at up to eight
megapixels. The unit also comes with a universal clip base to provide
stability when hooked to an LCD monitor, notebook or standalone

Delivering full high-definition stream video with 720P, the V-2025
($54.90) was designed with a premium multi-layer adjustable lens that
allows users to manually control the focus on any subject without
loosing focus or becoming blurry in the process.

The V-1325R’s infrared technology makes early morning and late night
chats possible. Manufactured with a diamond-shaped design, this
webcam is bundled with software to turn the V-1325R ($44.9) into a
home security system to monitor and record movement automatically,
and under any lighting conditions, including full darkness.

Designed for quick-chat capabilities, the $34.90 V-1300 contains
high-definition color (1280 x 720 HD) and an instant message button
that immediately launches chat programs. It can also capture still
photos and stream video.