O’Reilly has released “Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The
Missing Manual”
by David Pogue. It offers info, tips and tricks
for using the latest version of Mac OS X.

The US$34.99 book looks at, among other things,:

° The rewritten Finder, 64-bit mode, Microsoft
Exchange compatibility, build-them-yourself
Services and keyboard shortcuts, self-waking
networked Macs, and more;

° The Dock, the Mac OS X folder structure, and Mail;

° Safari 4 and QuickTime X.

“Steve Jobs said that Apple was going to ‘put a
pause on new features’ in Snow Leopard, but not
everyone got the memo,” Pogue says. “An insane
amount has changed — tiny, tweaky things,
under-the-hood things, and even some big,
routine-changing things. Writing the ultimate,
complete, most entertaining guide to all of it
was absolutely exhausting, but I guess somebody’s
got to do it.”