Through virtualization, Cortado says it’s bringing desktops and
traditional computer functions directly to smartphones. Users have
access to the corporate network with complete file management
features, options to view and email documents from the network, and
print, fax or scan while on the go.

The Cortado Corporate Server doesn’t rely on traditional remote
access technologies such as ICA or RDP but uses an application that
is tailor-made for the small screen, according to Roger Guerrero,
sales nanager Cortado Enterprise Solutions. This avoids the
limitation that traditional Windows desktops face on small screens,
making it simple to implement into any IT environment without an
extensive investment in technology, he adds.

An application fully integrated into a smartphone’s OS communicates
with the Cortado Corporate Server on the company network. The
smartphone alone is not able to perform tasks such as creating PDF
documents or database reports. However, these tasks can be executed
by remotely controlling all desktop functions with corporate security
provisions and access rights remaining unchanged, says Guerrero.

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