MacsDesign Studio has updated its flagship
service management solution, Web Help Desk
to version 9.0. The upgrade adds rules-based
voting and approval process for change requests,
an extensible plug-in architecture for third
party asset management tools, and an AJAX
enhanced user interface.

According to Jonathan Lew, president of
MacsDesign Studio, the latest version of the Web
Help Desk software delivers numerous new
productivity features, including:

° Change management control: automated and
dynamic rules-based approval workflow to track
and manage change request submissions and
approval voting.

° Asset discovery data imports: scheduled imports
of asset discovery data, providing technicians
with the most up-to-data hardware and software
information related to the service desk request

° Mac and PC remote control: you can trigger Mac
and Windows remote control sessions directly from
strategically located screens within the Web Help
Desk web-based application for enhanced desktop

° “We Suggest You Try This First”: a web-based
customer service portal in Web Help Desk 9
dynamically recommends knowledge base resolutions
during the service request submission process,
facilitating customer self help.

° Localization language capabilities: Web Help
Desk version 9 automatically selects any
end-user’s preferred language pack based on the
default language setting of the end-user’s web

° Alter Help Desk software vendor terminology:
All nomenclature within the interface may be
modified to an organization’s standard

° New interface updates: content searches and
updates throughout the interface are displayed to
end-users in an AJAX format.

The Web Help Desk issue and service request
tracking software can be installed on your own
server with a Perpetual Server License or you can
let MacsDesign Studio host your Web Help Desk
software on their servers with our ASP Hosted
Plans (SaaS). Contact them for pricing.