PowerTools offers the most comprehensive upgrade & trade-in program for the
Macintosh market in history.

AUSTIN, TEXAS — PowerTools, the makers of the infiniti line of MacOS
compatible systems announced today the most comprehensive upgrading and
trade-in program ever to be offered to the Macintosh industry. Starting
with the LCIII series of MacOS computers including all models by any
manufacturer thereafter, PowerTools will upgrade these systems to the
popular line of infiniti computer line using state of the art 603e and 604e
PowerPC processors.

By offering this program, users of older Macintosh systems can upgrade to
the newest technology available while recovering value for their equipment.
In upgrading their systems with PowerTools, endusers will be eligible for
future upgrades and will always be in step with the latest models.

The program is as follows:

1.) Starting with any system from the LCIII, the enduser can use a
special CPU upgrading page located on our web-site ( to
key in their current system and configuration.

2.) After keying in the current system to be upgraded, the on-line
configuration engine will determine the upgrades that are possible with
each system and prompt the enduser to key in the one that they would like.

3.) For models that do not have a processor daughter card slot, the
configuration engine will allow components such as hard drives and cd-rom
drives to be reused. For those that have a daughter card slot, PowerSource
processor daughter cards by PowerTools will be offered as an upgrade.

4.) After entering the information of the system to be upgraded, the
enduser can then select the new system and configuration that they would
like to upgrade to. After this process is complete, the upgrade cost will
be computed automatically.

5.) The value for the system that is being traded in will contain
credit for all components including 30pin SIMMs, 72pin SIMMs and 168pin
DIMMs (5v) which cannot be used in the infiniti series systems. There will
be no credit for NUBUS cards at this time.

6.) In additional to the reuse of existing components in the new
system, additional hard drives, cd-roms, Zip drives, Jaz drives, CDR
recorders, Multi-Disk CD-Rom drives, RAID systems, Video-In/Video Out cards
and PCI expansion cards can be added.

7.) Options to upgrade to either a 603e/200MHz or 604e/200MHz processor
is available at this time.

8.) A copy of the trade-in work sheet can be printed from our Web-Site
for the endusers record. For those that do not have access to the internet,
PowerTools can provide the same service via our toll-free sales and
tech-support lines. (800-891-4307)

9.) After determining the upgrades that they would like, the enduser
can then call our sales staff to place the order.

10.) The enduser will be given a total charge including shipping and a
processing number.

11.) The system to be upgraded is then shipped to PowerTools where it
will be upgraded and shipped back to the enduser.

12.) At this time, the process will take about 5 working days starting
after receiving the system to be upgraded.

13. The new system will have a full one year warranty. Reused
components will not have a warranty from PowerTools. A 1-year and a 4-year
on-site warranty is provided as an option.

14.) A free upgrade to system 7.6 will also be included with all systems
that require a motherboard swap.

15.) It is recommend for the enduser to back-up their data before
sending the system in to be upgraded. PowerTools will not be responsible
for any data loss that may occur.

16.) PowerTools will perform data transfer from a hard drive being
upgrade to a new one or an additional one to be added to the new system for
a $75 service fee. (Up to 2GB). PowerTools will not be responsible for any
data loss that may occur.

17.) PowerTools guarantees that the new system will boot up to the
desktop level when using system 7.6 OS. However, conflicts due to
incompatible software or older versions will not be supported by PowerTools.

18.) Prices and trade-in values may change from time to time so the
enduser should always confirm the prices from the web-site with a
PowerTools sales executive.

“PowerTools has stated over and over again its dedication to the MacOS
market. This program is exactly what many MacOS loyalist have asked for
because they have been abandoned without an upgrade path.” states Victor
Wong CEO of PowerTools. “Since we are one of only a few handful of
manufacturers that can provide this type of upgrade, we feel that it is our
duty to offer them instead of making people buy a completely configured new
machine in order to maximize our profits.”

Without this program, there would not be an upgrade path for these systems.
Since support for NUBUS and other older technologies are being dropped by
APPLE computer, it is even more important to keep in step with today’s
technologies. By allowing the use of existing components and giving credit
on ones that cannot be used, the total cost of the upgrade is much more

Additional information can be found on our web-site or can be obtained by
contacting Albert McMurray at PowerTools.

PowerTools can be reached at:

Contact: Albert McMurry
Tel: 512-891-0646 ext. 371
Fax: 512-476-6399