TestTrack 1.5 Offers Comprehensive Cross-Platform Bug Tracking, Automated
Bug Reporting, and Unparalled Ease Of Use

CINCINNATI, Ohio–June 25, 1997–Seapine Software, Inc., an innovative
developer of cross-platform bug tracking tools, is now shipping TestTrack
1.5, a full-featured bug tracking solution at an affordable price. The most
popular bug tracking solution for the Macintosh, TestTrack 1.5 adds
versions for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. TestTrack offers complete
feature parity and a virtually identical user interface across platform
versions, so users can work on their platform of choice and retain full
database compatibility between Windows and Macintosh systems.

“Finally, a single bug tracking application that covers both Macintosh and
Windows developers! As someone who tests both Macintosh and Windows
products daily, this is wonderful!” said Rick Shields of Quality Assurance
at Ann Arbor-based MedImage, Inc. “And, configuring TestTrack is a flash.
No other bug tracker is easier to maintain. Simply enter your bugs and then
go fix them! I was up and running in less than 15 minutes and never opened
the manual. Considering the cost of creating and maintaining your own
database to track bugs, if you look at all the time you spend and what you
are missing in the end, you’ll kick yourself for not purchasing TestTrack
in the first place.”

TestTrack 1.5 is truly a groundbreaking bug tracking tool-combining full
functionality and an elegant user interface into an affordable package.
With cross-platform support, developers no longer have to roll their own
database to share bugs between Macintosh and Windows development teams.
And, TestTrack sets a new standard for ease of use among bug tracking
products. TestTrack users can begin tracking bugs immediately after running
the simple installation program. Multi-user and cross-platform setup is a
breeze as well. Finally, the benefits of a bug tracking program cannot be
fully realized until everyone who needs access has access. With multi-user
pricing starting at $89 per user, Seapine has priced TestTrack low enough
to place on everyone’s computer in a development organization.

“We have found that TestTrack is an excellent solution for our defect
tracking needs,” said Tim Freehill, Java Engineering Manager at Metrowerks
Corporation. “It’s very easy to set up, and has an intuitive user interface
that requires no training to begin using efficiently.” While many users
choose TestTrack over the competition based on ease of use alone, TestTrack
1.5 includes many other compelling features.

Solo Bug – Simplified Technical Support

An exciting addition to TestTrack 1.5 is Solo Bug, a stand-alone bug
reporting program TestTrack users can distribute freely to their customers
and beta sites to automate reporting bugs and requesting features. A Solo
Bug file contains a customer’s bug report, machine configuration, contact
information, even a binary file attachment. “Entering bug reports received
by e-mail or a phone call is a very time-consuming and error-prone task,”
said Rick Riccetti, President of Seapine Software. “Solo Bug allows
customers to use your terminology when reporting bugs, include the
information you need to fix the problem, and requires no data entry on your
part.” Seapine Software is working with other companies to create add-ons
for 4th Dimension, Visual Basic, Visual C++, and ActiveX-enabled
development environments to enable developers to drop Solo Bug bug
reporting functionality into their applications.

“Solo Bug provides our customers a simple way to report bugs. Time
previously wasted retyping bug reports can now be spent fixing them. The
bottom line is Solo Bug saves us money!” said Dave Van Voorhis, President
of The Development Group, a Cincinnati-based consulting firm. “The ability
to place bug reporting directly into the applications we deliver will help
us further streamline our QA process and will make it even easier for
customers to interact with QA during the testing cycle.”

New Features for Version 1.0 Users

New in version 1.5 is an import command that makes it easy to transfer
existing bug databases from FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, 4th Dimension,
and other custom databases into TestTrack. An equivalent export command
simplifies exporting TestTrack data for further analysis and reporting.
TestTrack now tracks more bug-related fields than ever and adds support for
binary file attachments. A new workbook feature helps developers track
other project-related tasks along with their assigned bugs and feature
requests. A handy release notes command consolidates all of the release
notes from a specific product version and generates a text file that can be
included with a product release.

Managing duplicate bugs on medium to large projects is always a hassle.
Duplicate bugs make it difficult to determine the true project status and
skew the quality control statistics. A feature unique to TestTrack is the
ability to consolidate multiple reports of a bug or requests for a feature
into a single bug report. The information specific to the customer’s bug
report remains available as a sub-record of the main bug. Since TestTrack
tracks how many times a specific bug has been reported or a feature
requested, this information is available for prioritizing your work.

Unparalleled Ease of Use

TestTrack’s ease of use has always been praised by its users and
distinguishes it from the current crop of bug tracking tools. TestTrack 1.5
includes additional productivity enhancements including: new auto-fill
fields, expanded drag-and-drop support, the ability to manipulate bug
fields directly from the defect list, and many other user interface

Pricing and Availability

TestTrack 1.5 is available now from vendors such as DevDepot. It
carries a suggested retail price of US$129, with quantity discounts
starting at US$89 per user on orders of two or more when purchased directly
from Seapine Software. Existing TestTrack 1.0 for Macintosh customers are
eligible for a free upgrade to TestTrack 1.5 for Macintosh. An evaluation
version of TestTrack 1.5 is available at for free
public download. For more information visit the company’s Web site.

About Seapine Software

Seapine Software, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Cincinnati,
Ohio. Seapine publishes TestTrack ™ and Solo Bug ™, commercially
available cross-platform bug tracking solutions. With advanced features and
easy-to-use bug tracking products, Seapine Software is focused on helping
businesses of all sizes improve product quality and reduce time to market.

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Richard R. Riccetti
Seapine Software, Inc.
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