Tensor Information Systems Enters WebObjects Training Agreement

CUPERTINO, Calif.June 24, 1997 — Tensor Information Systems, Inc. and
Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) have announced an agreement for
delivering training programs on Apple’s WebObjects web development
platform. As a certified training partner for WebObjects, Tensor has
exclusive training rights in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the opportunity
to conduct private classes in North America.

We selected Tensor as a certified training partner due to their established
relationship with Apple as a provider of WebObjects and OpenStep consulting
services. Training certification enables us to expand our business
relationship with Tensor and provide technical training to our customers in
the Southwest, according to Sara Benson, director of WebObjects and
OpenStep customer training for Apple.

Corporate programmers and analysts can sign up for Tensor’s next WebObjects
courseIntroduction to WebObjectsto be held July 14-18. The class helps
corporate programmers and analysts build web applications. Cost is U.S.
$1,875 for the five-day session at Tensor’s training facilities in Fort

The WebObjects product line offers a cross-platform and
language-independent environment for delivering interactive, scaleable,
server-based web applications for both the Internet and the enterprise.

Tensor Information Systems, Inc. is a computer systems integrator dedicated
to providing the implementation of client/server computer applications and
to solve its clients’ unique business challenges at a minimum risk and
expense. Companies interested in the training classes can get more
information by visiting Tensor’s web site at: http://www.tensor.com or by
calling (817) 335-7770.