To all,

If you want to help spread the word for developer resources — vote for the
MacTech web site in the below survey. Then again, just vote for your
favorite news regardless of your reason.

As a MacDev-1 subscriber, you may not realize that the news distributed
over MacDev-1 is also mirrored as web content on the home page of — check it out.

Neil Ticktin
MacTech Magazine


From: JM Pierce (
Organization: Unofficial Macintosh PR Department
Subject: Vote For Your Favorite Mac News Site!


The Unofficial Macintosh PR Department is running a contest to determine
the Mac community’s favorite Mac news related site. Titled, “Vote For Your
Favorite Mac News Site” and located at, the contest features appr.
fourty nominee sites. We will be accepting votes from readers until the end
of June at which point we will post the results of the contest.

In order to help build traffic to all the nominated web sites we have
encouraged voters to visit each site before they vote.


Jason Pierce
The Unofficial Macintosh PR Department