Helsinki 29.09.2004 11:00AM

Coxion Oy, one of the pioneers in GPRS data solutions, has today
released a new tri-band GPRS PC card, the WebBox S10. What makes this
product unique is that it’s one of the first if not the only one
supporting Apple powerbook with Mac OSX operating system, right out of
the box. Yes it works with Windows too, in case you’re wondering.

Supporting Mac OS is nothing new to Coxion. In 2002 Coxion released
their first external GPRS modem, WebBox USB, that also had Mac OS
support. WebBox USB connects via USB port making it work in iBooks and
desktop computers, that don’t have PCMCIA slot.

When we were developing the new S10, it was clear to us that we wanted
it to support Apple computers. One of the company executives has been
Apple user since 1995 and has become very frustrated with the support
of todays GPRS products on Mac OSX.

WebBox S10 offers GPRS tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz data connectivity.
Ensuring that you can connect quickly and easily to the Internet,
wherever you are in more than 160 countries, on five continents.

WebBox S10 is a small size PC card that fits inside the PC slot and
has flexible, removable antenna. Also this is a first PC card from
Coxion that does not support WLAN, since many of todays laptops has
build in WLAN, including Apple Powerbooks with airport.

On the Apple Powerbooks, WebBox S10 supports GPRS data communications,
giving you the freedom to connect to internet and send and receive
email, directly from your computer, where ever you are. All important
GPRS functions are available, including option to lock roaming operator
when traveling. A very important feature, enabling to choose best and
most affordable roaming partner.

Secondary features like GSM calling, SMS and Faxing are available with
third party softwares. In near future we are looking to include these
features in our own software – but for now we just wanted to get this
out as fast as possible.

On Windows 2000 and XP, WebBox S10 also offers GSM voice calling with
included HF and freedom to send and receive SMS and Fax directly from
your computer. S10 is also great for SIM cards contact management and

WebBox S10’s specially designed user-friendly utility helps you easily
manage all functions. With the S10, no matter where you are, you can
stay in touch with all important people in your life, Mac or PC.

WebBox S10 is available now starting at 260 EUR.

Today Coxion Oy also announced new product category, with Surfpoint
internet terminal – a computer that “Just Works”

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