Apple Announces Advertising Agency Review

CUPERTINO, Calif.-June 26, 1997-Apple Computer, Inc. today announced a
reassessment of general advertising needs in the U.S. consistent with
Apple’s restructuring of their marketing operations and strategy. As a
result, Apple is inviting a number of advertising agencies, including BBDO,
Apple’s current advertising agency, to participate in an account review.

“We have gone through the process of reconsidering all of our other
existing business practices in the past several months and now we are doing
the same thing with our advertising plans and resources,” said David Roman,
Apple’s vice president of Advertising & Brand Communications . “1997 has
been an opportunity to review the way Apple does business based on new
goals and resources. We have chosen this time to explore other resources to
meet our current and future advertising needs.”

Apple’s renewed focus on its users and key markets necessitates a
significant change in communications strategies. Apple’s marketing
organization was recently reorganized to meet current customer needs and
Apple is now in the process of implementing new marketing plans. Apple is
developing communication strategies that speak to key customers with
focused messages in addition to addressing broader brand communications.

“As the personal computer category has expanded and matured, Apple now has
to reposition itself to play a key role in the ‘second digital
revolution’,” added Roman. “BBDO has made a great contribution to Apple
over the past 12 years with initiatives such as ‘The Power to be Your Best’
campaign, which made Apple the best selling brand in the category at one

Apple has already identified a short list of advertising agencies that meet
Apple’s criteria necessary for consideration. An Apple internal committee
representing key parts of the Company including product and geography
marketing will conduct the review of qualified candidates to find the most
effective agency for Apple’s U.S. advertising. Apple expects to finalize
the selection by the end of September, 1997.

This announcement does not currently affect Apple’s International
advertising agency relationships.

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