Readdle ( ) has released ReaddleDocs, a
document and file management solution for the iPhone and iPod touch.
With ReaddleDocs anyone can transfer files from Mac, Windows, or
Linux computers to the devices, view them on the go, send by email
and more.

ReaddleDocs operates through Readdle Storage, the 512MB, free online
file storage. This allows to the software to support many important
business functions such as working with emails and transferring files
to iPhone without WI-FI, using EDGE or 3G. Business people can save
attachments they got in the Mail or send files stored in ReaddleDocs
to their colleagues and partners.

ReaddleDocs’ built-in viewer supports PDF and Microsoft Office files
made with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. To read documents created using
software like MS Project, MS Visio or OmniGraffle you can print them
as PDF files and copy to ReaddleDocs.

For individuals who use their devices to read books ReaddleDocs
offers variety of book formats. TXT, FB2, RTF and HTML files are
supported in addition to PDF and .doc documents. Also, the
application supports quick scrolling through document allowing to
navigate in large files. It also has the ability to bookmark at any
place in the document.

Another ReaddleDocs feature is a built-in web browser. It’s intended
to help users save documents found on the web to their device.

ReaddleDocs is available for US$14.99 at the Apple App Store.
Purchase Link: