Stellar Information Systems
( has launched Stellar
Wipe 1.0 for Mac OS X (US$39 for a single user license). It’s for
permanently erasing all data from Mac hard disks, making its recovery

It’s a data erasure tool that uses methods to overwrite and remove
all the traces of data stored on the hard disk. Meeting the most
stringent data overwriting regulations, it is a highly reliable tool
that prevents your business sensitive data falling into offensive
hands. The free demo version of the product is available at Stellar’s

“Companies often store their sensitive information on hard drives
that might fall into wrong hands and can cause security breaches.
When discarding, selling or recycling Mac hard drives, companies
require complete data removal to stand against any chance of criminal
liability that might harm their reputation and market presence.” said
Sunil Chandna, Stellar Information Systems CEO.

“Simple file deletion, disk formatting or emptying the Trash Bin
doesn’t delete the data for always as lost data can be still
recovered. Stellar Wipe (Macintosh) v1.0 is an effective data erasure
tool that uses advanced wiping algorithms to overwrite existing data
with random binary digits.”

Stellar Wipe (Macintosh): wipes files and folders individually; wipes
system traces like access logs, install logs, and console logs; wipes
Web browsers’ data including Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, Page
History, and Form Values; supports wiping data for Web browsers like
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Camino, Opera OmniWeb, and Safari; wipes
unused hard disk space; offers selective wiping algorithms; and lets
you schedule the wipe process