PhatWare Corp., a provider of software products and professional
services for mobile and desktop computers, has released WritePad
Professional Edition ( for the
iPhone. It’s available for US$9.99 at the Apple App Store.

WritePad Professional Edition is a combination of three previously
released applications: WritePad Affairs, WritePad Notes, and WritePad
Events. It also features voice notes. The data can be organized in
multiple folders, which can be sorted by type, name, and color.

Affairs folders assist users with organizing daily tasks, jobs, and
contracts. Users can create, edit, and view items in landscape or
portrait mode; sort items by due date, subject, priority, color,
category, and status; and filter by text found in the subject.

Events folders enable users to create, edit, and view events in
landscape and portrait mode; sort events by date, subject, priority,
color, and category; filter events by characters or words found in
the subject. While creating events a user can obtain a current
location using iPhone navigation feature, insert a new or an existing
photograph, and associate contact with the event.

Notes folders allow creating, editing, and viewing notes on an
iPhone. Notes can be edited in ether landscape or portrait mode and
sorted by subject, color, and category and filter notes by characters
or words found in the subject.

Voice Notes folders can be used to record and play back voice notes
and memos. Each voice note can have name, color and importance
properties and can be organized by name, color, priority, creation,
and modification dates.

Notes, Events, and Affairs export and import items via CSV files
compatible with Microsoft Outlook format. The data can be exchange
between items or even other applications using copy/paste. Any item,
including a voice note, can be emailed directly from the application
or uploaded to another device on the local WiFi running a copy of
WritePad Pro.

WritePad Pro uses the WritePad text editor that was developed
specifically for iPhone and featuring handwriting recognition input
for cursive, print, and mixed handwriting styles, in addition to an
iPhone soft keyboard.