Apple has announced an update to Final Cut Studio with more than 100
new features and new versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack
Pro, Color and Compressor. Final Cut Studio features Final Cut Pro 7
which expands Apple’s ProRes codec family to support virtually any
workflow and includes Easy Export for one step output to a variety of
formats and iChat Theater support for real-time collaboration.

Motion 4 includes enhanced tools such as 3D shadows, reflections and
depth of field for stunning motion graphics and visual effects, and
Soundtrack Pro 3 features new multitrack audio tools to streamline
audio post production. Color 1.5 includes better Final Cut Pro
integration and support for full color resolution, and Compressor 3.5
adds new features that make it easy to set up and customize your
export options. At $999, the new Final Cut Studio is $300 less than
the previous release and is also available as an upgrade for $299.

“With 1.4 million users and 50 percent of the market, Final Cut Pro
is the number one professional video editing application,” says
Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product
Marketing. “The new Final Cut Studio includes more than 100 new
features and dramatically expands Apple’s ProRes family of codecs so
editors can work in the studio with the highest quality video or on
location at low bandwidths.” Final Cut Pro 7, the latest version of
Apple’s Emmy Award-winning editing software, includes: new versions
of Apple’s ProRes codecs to support virtually any workflow with the
addition of ProRes Proxy, for offline and mobile editing at low
bandwidth; ProRes LT, for general purpose editing; and ProRes 4444
for editing and visual effect. Easy Export allows users to continue
working on projects while encoding is done in the background and the
sequence is exported to YouTube, MobileMe, iPhone, iPod, the Apple
TV, DVD or Blu-ray.

iChat Theater support allows real time collaboration by sharing Final
Cut timelines or individual source clips with iChat users anywhere in
the world, even if they don’t have a copy of Final Cut Pro. Other new
features include new speed tools to change clip speed, alpha
transitions to create dramatic effects using moving mattes, and
native AVC-Intra support for the latest Panasonic cameras.

Motion 4 extends its animation tools so video editors can create
everything from basic titles to animated credit rolls to motion
graphics. Enhancing 3D compositions is faster than ever with new
customizable features that add point and spot lights to cast
realistic shadows or turn any shape, video plane or paint stroke into
a reflective surface, says Schiller. Motion 4 gives editors the
flexibility to adjust the depth of field within a 3D canvas by
selectively highlighting a single object or using multiple objects to
create a racking focus effect.

Soundtrack Pro 3 adds new audio editing tools including Voice Level
Match that extracts volume information from the vocal content of one
clip and applies it to another without altering any other audio
content so editors can correct mismatched voice levels. An enhanced
File Editor includes new tools to make sophisticated edits and fine
tune volume adjustments by targeting specific frequencies such as the
rustle of a paper or the bump of a desk without affecting dialogue.

The new Advanced Time Stretch feature stretches and compresses audio,
using three Apple-designed algorithms or other algorithms available
as third party plug-ins. Color 1.5, Apple’s professional grading
application, now works with a greater range of sequences and effects
from Final Cut Pro and an integrated workflow allows editors to
complete projects entirely within Final Cut Studio.

New 4K support works natively with files from cameras such as the RED
ONE and outputs directly to ProRes for HD or DPX for film. Expanded
support for new high quality formats includes AVC-Intra, XDCAM 422
and ProRes 4444, for grading with the maximum amount of color

Compressor 3.5 adds the ability to automatically detect QuickTime
settings and create an Easy Export template or a mini “droplet” on
the desktop that automates specific Compressor actions. There are
new, customizable sharing options for publishing to YouTube and
MobileMe, or export for iPhone, iPod, Apple TV and mobile phones. For
the highest quality HD material, menu templates and encoding presets
let you create Blu-ray discs. Final Cut Studio also includes DVD
Studio Pro, a DVD authoring environment with drag and drop tools, on
screen editing and real time previews.

Soundtrack Pro and Compressor are also available as part of the new
Logic Studio, allowing Final Cut and Logic users to collaborate and
share files.

Apple has also introduced Final Cut Server 1.5, the asset management
and automation tool for Final Cut Studio. Final Cut Server 1.5
includes new features like lightweight, offline editing with ProRes
Proxy, production hierarchies to organize media, and support for
still sequences to easily view and manage image sequences for
graphics and effects workflows. Final Cut Server now includes
unlimited client licenses and is available for $999 or as a $299
upgrade for existing users.

Final Cut Studio is now available through the Apple Store
(, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized
Resellers for a suggested retail price of $999; existing Final Cut
Studio and Final Cut Pro users can upgrade for a suggested retail
price of $299. Full system requirements and more information on Final
Cut Studio can be found at

Final Cut Server 1.5 is now available through the Apple Store
(, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized
Resellers and includes unlimited client licenses for a suggested
retail price of $999 (US) and existing Final Cut Server users can
upgrade for suggested retail price of $299 (US). Full system
requirements and more information on Final Cut Server can be found at