Matterform Media has announced the 2.0 release of Yank, the universal
uninstaller for Mac OS X. Yank 2.0 offers new features and is now
compatible with Snow Leopard, Apple’s forthcoming update to OS X.

Yank is an all-purpose uninstaller for Mac OS X. Yank 2.0 monitors
the hard drive for changes when new software is installed and creates
a log of all files that were added or modified. This information can
be used later to completely uninstall the software.

Because Yank works at installation time, monitoring the file system
in real-time, it is able to remove software more reliably than other
installers that rely on limited search techniques.

Yank 2.0 is compatible with Leopard and Snow Leopard and features a
new Auto-Launch feature that automatically starts monitoring your
hard drive as soon as you begin installing new software.

Yank 2.0 is a free upgrade for users who purchased a Yank 1 license
after September 1, 2008. Other licensed users can purchase an upgrade
for $11.95. New licenses cost $19.95. A free demo is also available