Chronos ( has released the Chronos Utility
Suite, a productivity bundle that consists of two applications: F10
Launch Studio and iClipboard. The suite is immediately available for
an introductory price of US$35 through March 31. After this date it
will cost US$49.99.

Launch Studio 2.0 sports a Smart Search that “intelligently and
adaptively” finds applications. A document sidebar shows related
application documents. Multiple docks can be customized with favorite
applications. Launch Studio 2.0 has editable shortcuts for custom
application launching, an animated interface and a redesigned
interface. It sports an unobtrusive Launch Pad that only appears when
needed, hot corners and hot key options for quick launching, and an
exclusion list so users can ignore unwanted applications.

iClipboard is a clipboard manager. It keeps a history of everything a
user copies to the clipboard from any application. When a user need
to go back and paste a clipping from the history, iClipboard appears
from the side of the screen so the user can preview and paste any

A 30-day demo of the Chronos Utility Suite is available for download.
It requires Mac OS X 10.5.5 or later and 50MB of available disk space.